It can't be October already?!?! I did the contest...again...

I'm in a bit of shock that it's already October! I've been busy, but not too busy to blog!

I competed in Miss Mint's contest again this year. Last year, I got 1st runner up, this year, I got 2nd runner up. Kind of sick of always of being the bridesmaid and never the bride, if you know what I mean! Miss Mint was sweet and said something like "at least you're consistently in the top 5" or something like that. That's true. I should look at it in a positive way. So, here are my contest layouts from this year. You can see the credits in the gallery: http://www.peppermintcreative.com/.


In other news...I started seeing a counselor as suggested by my doctor. He thought maybe it would help my depression and weight issues. I met him and instantly liked him. We had a great "session" and I walked out of there smiling. Seriously, no one can tell you that you're "normal" like a counselor. LOL! I have been thinking through a lot of things in my life lately and my weight problem is one of them. I've just have been having a huge problem just STARTING to do those things that I know I need to do. Eat right. Exercise. Get more rest. Drink WATER. ;) So, my counselor suggested that I a) Keep a journal of what I eat. Check. I've already got a journal waiting for me to do that. b) Weigh myself everyday so I can see the ups and downs and the loss! c) Start exercising. Do as little as much as I want...to just start it. d) Come back and see him in a month. I walked out of the session and gave up Coke and regular pop right then and there. I figured if I didn't just go cold turkey, I wouldn't do it.

Well, I started a new antidepressant a month and a week ago (from the time I saw the counselor) and then had a re-check with my regular doctor. Guess what...I had already lost 8lbs without even trying or knowing! My doctor was happy. I was EXCITED. Since then, I've lost another 8.6lbs! I've lost 16.6lbs! (I haven't weighed in a few days because I've been sick and haven't cared. But, tomorrow, it's back to it!) I honestly can't wait to tell my counselor. LOL!

Recent Layouts

Now that I've talked in circles and am too tired to go back and edit it...I'll leave you with a few recent layouts. I haven't been feeling very creative lately. Kind of...blah. But, there they are:

Most of the goodies I've used here are either Emily Merritt's or Jacque Larsen's both at http://www.thedigichick.com/. You can see my gallery for credits: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=24

Stand Up & Scrap Contest

I was participating in the Stand Up & Scrap contest. I decided tonight to quit. I'm sick of putting my all into a contest and say I'm not going to be disappointed and then I am, when I don't win. People aren't "in" to my style. I get that. I'm sick of feeling like I'm judged anyway. You know, no comments on my layouts...2 views....whatever. I'm not playing that 'game' anymore, so why on earth am I doing this contest? UGH! I'm frustrating myself! So...I quit. I'll spend that extra time obsessing about those layouts reading to my boys. ;)


mimsmom-Michelle said...

Congratulations on the weight-loss-that is an awesome accomplishment and you should be sooooo proud of yourself!
(And just so you know, I love your style- :) )

Ann said...

Great layouts, Keela! And WOW about the weight loss! That's so great!!!

And now, guess what? You've been tagged! Check out the tag at http://witbeforebrevity.blogspot.com/2007/10/ive-been-tagged.html

;-) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

i just came across your blog because of Hot Digi Picks and your story drew me right in because i also struggle with weight and depression. Way to go with the weightloss!!!!!
and i also wanted to comment because i think your style looks great! (in fact i saved one of your layouts for future reference and inspiration! and i only saw one day before i had stop and comment!)
i am a newbie in the scrap world, and i didn't even know what Stand Up and Scrap was until last night, and i ran across some interesting info about it at a well-known digi site. One contestant was talking about her dh's opinion on the whole contest, saying that when it is all said and done...would you rather have scrapped for the judges just to win and when it's over you have six layouts that don't mean anything to you, or would you rather come to the end of the contest with 6 layouts that you poured yourself into and can appreciate for years to come? (my loose rendition of what he said) and i thought that is so very wise! After all, scrapping is about preserving beautiful memories.....
Well, i have rambled on enough here, and i just wanted to say that your blog entry touched me and keep up the good work! You're doing great!!