Merry Christmas!

There was a Christmas a few years back where everyone but me had the flu. I mean, puking all day/night flu. I guess we're trying to see if we can beat that. Anakin started puking yesterday and thank God it was over by lunch...but, he can't swallow today. I took one look at his throat and knew he had strep. David took him to the walk in clinic (the only thing open at the time) and yep, it's Scarlet Fever/Strep. He's got an all over red rash to go with the sore throat. I feel so bad for him. I think this is the 3rd time he's had strep this year. I took everyone's temp before the boys went to bed and EVERYONE has a low grade fever. BLAH.

I didn't get my Christmas cards done this year. I still would like to do them. I saw the funniest thing on Shabby Miss Jenn's blog (http://shabbymissjenn.typepad.com/shabby_miss_jenn/) today. Check out her blog and watch hers. Here is mine. I leave you with a touch of humor. God knows I need it to make it! Merry Christmas!

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Ann said...

Cute snowball fight, Keela!!

I hope Anakin's feeling better. What a bummer. :(

Ann said...

Keela, I'm tagging you! It might just force you to update... ;-)

Lindsey said...

Ok, we've had what, 6 holidays since you blogged last!!!!!!!!! What's going on with you guys!! Update us!!