My 365 Project (& Shadow's disease)

I'm so not in the mood to blog, so I'll just keep this short. ;) I'll be back later with more pictures and the reason why I'm not in the mood.

I'm doing the 365 Project this year. If you've never heard of it, it's taking one photo for every day of the year. I started posting them on my Facebook, but I think I'll also post them here. :) So, let's get caught up!

Day 1 - 1.1.2009 - David actually took this picture, but I'm counting it. ;)We took the boys to God Father's Pizza to celebrate Christmas with the Blues. I dressed the boys in their Pokemon shirts and Ryan wore his too...that wasn't planned, believe it or not! So, we had to take a picture, of course!
Day 2 - 1.2.2009 - Tristin being silly...giving me an "angry face" because I wanted a picture of him. Of course, he wasn't serious...can you tell? :)

Day 3 - 1.3.2009 - Oh...Paxtin. What wonderful, crazy, yummy thing did you cook up for Shadow? Applesauce and Smarties

Day 4 - 1.4.2009 - Tristin had 101 temp (and was resting on the couch watching cartoons). Shadow was trying to steal his blanket from him. I guess he gave up and just decided to watch cartoons with Tristin - at least, long enough for me to snap this photo!

Day 5 - 1.5.2009 - My $1 Spot find at Target! Wouldn't this look cute with one of Shannon's cupcakes in it? See: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1131183056#/photo.php?pid=246778&id=1131183056 My goal is to do this for the kids' teachers for Valentine's Day. ;)
Day 6 - 1.6.2009 - Paxtin and Shadow had a blast with a box of kleenex while Mommy took a shower. They spread them all over the house. The good thing is...that Paxtin loves to help clean up, so he did a great job of cleaning them up!

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Anonymous said...

Haha. I love the "treat" for your dog that your son concocted! I also love the last pic of one of your littles by the mound of kleenex :) Kids are crazy, huh?

Jamie Wise