[Update on me]

I'm still bleeding. That's the bad news. The good news as quickly as I can put it:

1. I got rid of the OB/GYN that I was forced to see (had to see someone b/c of the bleeding, he was the only one available...now I know why)!

2. Made an appointment with another OB/GYN, a female.

3. Called to make an appointment with my primary care doctor to see what HE would say about it all. I, thankfully, already had an appointment for a week later. Forgot about it. ;) It was today, I just got back. Here's what I learned:

My doctor said he can't really take care of the bleeding...that's the GYNs job, of course, I knew that. So, I pressed on and asked more questions...and I'm soooooooooo glad I did.

He asked about my "ring" (Nuva Ring), I told him I lost it because I was bleeding so bad. He said, "They didn't try to stop it?" HELLO!?!?!?!? He said, "Did they do a blood test?" HELLO again! My thoughts exactly. I told him that I wasn't feeling comfortable with my doctor (and I named him) and that I had made an appointment with another doctor. His face lit up and he said and I quote, "I'm so glad you said that. I have such a hard time recommending doctors, I can't. My wife goes to her (the doctor I'm going to see) and she's good, educated, listens, etc. I ALMOST CRIED. Apparently, what I was thinking about the doctor I didn't like...was right. I was told several times after that that my primary doctor was so glad I was seeing the new doctor. OKAY...so, he also put in orders for me to get blood work done.

I feel such a HUGE relief!


Kellie said...

(((hugs))), sounds like the new Dr will help get on top of things - must be driving you nuts!

Carrie said...

I hope they figure things out and get you all better. NOTHING is worse than a bad doctor. I had a crappy one in California and almost every visit I left in tears. He was such a jerk.

kim said...

Oh Keela! I hope your new doctor is a great one!!! ((HUGS))

That has got to be the absolute CUTEST Christmas card I have EVER seen!!! WOW!!! TFS!