Christmas cards are out (minus a few I am waiting on address from my Mom on).
Shopping is done.
Albums are not.
Decorating is not. (Still need to decorate the boys' tree in their room.)
Cleaning is not.
Wrapping is not.
Grocery shopping is not. (Last minute dessert items and a veggie tray for my Mom and Dad's house)
Baking is not.
Stressed? Me? Yes...

We only have to travel to my Mom and Dad's house (an hour away) on Christmas Eve. I have no complaining about that. David's parents are going to PA to be with David's brother and family. I just feel stressed about the deadline of Monday morning! David is taking off work tomorrow, so that will help a lot. I'm going to start making Chex Mix this afternoon and the kids and I will do cookies on Saturday. The only other thing I'm planning on making is something for my Dad...something with no sugar. ;)

So...I got my results of my sonogram back on Wednesday. Let me first just say again that I love my new OB! LOL! Remember, the yucky one told me that the reason I was bleeding was more than likely the breakthrough bleeding you have on the Depo shot. He did briefly say something about fibroids. Well, it was NOT breakthrough bleeding. I have 3 fibroids. I'm pretty sure I knew about one of them. They told me about it when I was pregnant with Paxtin. They said sometimes they can cause bleeding during pregnancy...etc. Well, my OB said that the lining of my uterus looked good (HUGE answer to prayer)...and that one of the fibroids (the bigger of the 3) was pushing up against my uterus (not in it). She said that she thinks that is what caused it. She has no idea why now...etc. So, this is the plan. She gave me a Depo Shot (yeah!!!!) and I got back to have another in 3 months and then I see her a month after that just to make sure everything is okay. She said that if I was sure that I was done having babies, she'd suggest having that fibroid out. But, because we aren't ready to do anything permanent, she is willing to wait. Now, if I start to bleeding again, we'll have to re-think things because of my health and probably have the thing out. She just doesn't want to do it now and weaken my already weak chances of getting pregnant again. PCOS SUCKS! Sorry, just had to say that. No, we're not going to activily try to get pregnant, we just want the option if we decide to a few years from now. I can tell you that I'm 95% sure we won't! LOL!

Fun. Tuesday Tristin woke up and puked...and did a few other times during the day. He's now fine. I just hope and pray no one else comes down with it. It was around this exact time last year that everyone had the flu but ME! David, Anakin and Tristin all had it at the same time!

Tuesday I was able to go to Anakin's school and help make gingerbread houses. So cute. I've got pictures...but they are on my camera. :) My NEW camera...yes, I got my Christmas present early! I will have to go look and see what the name is...I can never remember! Until then...

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Julie (mrs2a50) said...

Well, that sounds like good news! Hopefully you'll have a couple of more years before you have to do anything drastic!

Sorry the holidays have you so stressed. You'll get it done though. Or not, but that's okay! I've got all my grocery shopping to do yet, and some present deliveries to make tomorrow. And wrapping of the dogs' stocking presents. And a gift for John I still have to get. And my house is a pit. But its all good :)

I hope Tristin's feeling better!