[Finally did it!]

I switched my blogger account to beta. I really don't understand what that is (didn't care to read it) all I know is that my hubby said it probably would be better. LOL! So, things look a little odd right now, but when I have time (ha ha) I'll get it updated.


This month at Sweet Shoppe Designs I am the "Treat of the Month"! Just click that link there and you'll be taken to the front page of their shoppe. You can read about what that is there and follow more links to see my bio and answers to questions they asked me. You'll also see layouts on that front page that were "lifted" from my pages. Do you know what an honor this is? LOL! I feel so odd about it because I never thought in a million years that I'd be picked. So, I'm enjoying it and every once in a while I have to go back and look at it. :)

My other toot is here: Multi-Photo Scrapbook Layout Gallery (it's a blog). My layout "Oh Wow" is there! I had submitted a bunch of layouts just the night before and was SHOCKED to see it there! In fact, I didn't see it until the 2nd of January. It's a really great blog, if you like to do multi-photo layouts. Hopefully, you'll see more there some other time! :)

[Christmas & New Years]

The holidays went by WAY to fast! I hate to have to take my tree down already, in fact, before Paxtin was born (1/18/05) we would leave it up as long as we wanted to! I think the longest we left it up was until EASTER. Yes, Easter. I don't know what I was thinking. LOL! Now that Paxtin has his birthday in the middle of January, that's my goal date. I must have it down before then. Anyway, the boys all loved their gifts and Anakin even acted thankful this year, Tristin didn't....LOL! It was nice to have Anakin act differently this year though. Paxtin, he didn't care. As for me, I got a new camera! A Canon Powershot something or other. I seriously can't remember the name of it for anything. It's just the opposite of my old digital camera. It's small enough to put in my pocket or purse! I love that. New Years Eve was just like any other day really. David played drums with a band at a local outreach coffeehouse for a bit and was home around 11ish. We watched a movie and I scrapped a little. All in all we had a great "vacation". David was home for the week inbetween Christmas and New Years Day. Oh, the one sucky thing...I got a cold on Christmas Day. I swear it started at my parents' house that afternoon...and I am still coughing. I am coughing so hard it hurts my back! I told David I wonder if I broke a rib. Okay, maybe bruised it? I don't know but it doesn't help having to pick up a 29lb almost 2 year old! He's heavy! (And Tristin weighs 30lbs and is a little over 4 years old!)

Okay, I must try to finish my SBB E-Team layout tonight. :) Night! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings!


Carrie said...

I keep wondering what the Beta version is, and am too lazy to read their huge description/tour.
I hope you feel better! Ethan got croup on Christmas day, and now that he is better, DH seems to have it. I hope it skips me! I have to start job hunting next week!
Congrats on all of your digi stuff. I'll go check it out now...

Dani said...

Hey Keela! I just wanted to pop in real quick and say! YAY! :) Congrats on both of your toots, especially TOTM!! :) I was so excited to see you over there! :) Hope you are feeling better soon!


~ Dani