I can't believe it has been over a month since I blogged! I had some things going on in my personal family life that I needed to talk about but didn't want to post it here. It just wasn't the place or the time. It's still not the place or time for some of it, LOL! But, I can talk about some stuff.

(What kind of cookie am I?)
You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie
Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!

Totally fitting since that's my favorite cookie. ;)

(My Creative Teams)
First, I decided to remove myself from Trish Jone's Creative Team. I was on it for 2 months...but things just didn't seem right for me. I was stressing over it and just didn't feel like I could meet the guidelines for the team. Since then, I have also taken my blinkie down for Frick & Frack, mainly because i haven't heard from them in ages and all I've seen from them is one kit. No personal issues there, just did it until I hear that they are designing and then I'll go from there. ;) I also stepped down from the SBB E-Team, which was probably stupid because I only had one more month left! DUH! Anyway, so, I decided to apply to Lauren Grier and Angela Barton's teams. Lauren I know from my time at Digital Freebies and really, I should have begged her (when the CT there broke up) to keep me. Angela, I've always liked her kits, but never have used them. She reminds me a lot of Chatterbox. LOL! So, the big news is...I made Angela's team. :) I still have to wait for Lauren's call to end.

(The Kids)
We are working with the boys on a schedule (Anakin NEEDS it and we've already seen some improvement on his behavior), rules or our household and a rewards chart. Okay, so I haven't got the reward charts done yet, but I'm working on it.

Anakin and Tristin both have had field trips...I'm still volunteering at Anakin's school library. They are both doing well in school. :) Their last reports were awesome. Anakin has only missed one word in spelling all year (and that was because he forgot the "tail" on the Q in the word)! Tristin's teachers confirmed what we thought about him...he's ARTISTIC! LOL! He loves to do the crafts and paint at school. Paxtin, well, he's a sweetie as always. He turned 2 on 1/18. He is just now getting his last 4 teeth...not sure why it took so long for him to get them! He's talking up a storm...even making 6-7 word sentences! He's ready to be potty trained...we're just waiting until we're ready. LOL!

Now that I'm done with all the bleeding...I need to get re-focused on me and my weight. I sooooooooo wish this wasn't an issue, but honestly, it always has been so I don't know why I can't just accept that I'm never going to be a size 2. BUT...I was watching Oprah yesterday and they were talking to Bob Greene about his weight loss challenge they just started. They were talking about exercise and how for some people (or it should be everyone) will have to exercise 5 times a week and you just have to "get it" and move on. It's so hard to get out of the habit of thinking...I'll diet until I get to a certain weight and then I can go back to doing whatever I want. It will NEVER be that way for me. Ever. I know, it's simple. I can say that I want to change my lifestyle...but that is exactly what I have to do. I have to change everything! David and I have been trying to change the boys' life too...do you know how hard that is? No chips, no cookies? WHAT? yeah, it's hard...maybe because it's ME that needs to change. I'd rather eat the chips and cookies than the good stuff. LOL! I need to find alternatives and get the boys off the SUGAR. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, enough about that.

I've got pictures to share, etc. I'll get to it...I'm going to try to blog more. Keep me to it, Julie!!!!!!!! ;)


Tia said...

Yay Keela! It's so good to finally hear from you. I think about you guys all the time. Glad things are getting better. Of course you know I can totally relate to what you were saying. Talk to you soon, Tia

Anonymous said...

Hi Keela,

Glad to read an update on you and your family. Miss you...think of you very often.


Carrie said...

I thought I'd stop by, and you're back! Yay.
I was bummed I only caught the last few minutes of that Oprah, I like Bob Greene. My treadmill broke so I need to find something else for exercise :-(
Anyhoo, nice to see you back!

Kellie said...

yay!! you are back on the blog horse! Hope things have settled down for you Keela and congrats on your new CT. I have now lost 21 lbs since New Years and am feeling really motivated to keep up my changes - I know you can do it to girl! and i'm even blogging regularly (shock, horror!!).