Here's an update:

We didn't keep Freckles, but not because of Tristin's allergies. She was extremely LOUD. She barked at everything...I actually got a headache the first day from it! I did get attached to her though and it just confirmed that we will be getting a dog. We are going to wait a bit...save some $ and also watch the pound for a dog we want. I really want to look/wait for a Cockapoo.

Sickies...that's all I've had for the past 5 weeks, at least! Right now, Tristin has it...a fever. Paxtin had it for 4 days (he had a really high fever 104 and once I got a 105.something but he was laying on that ear and that's when I got the 104)! Anyway, I 'think' I'm over my cold finally and David...well, he still kind of sounds like he's got his. Anakin is okay for now. I'm so ready for Spring!!!!!

The Pinewood Derby was Friday. I stayed home with Paxtin so I don't know what pictures we got! But, David got 5th in the adult round...Anakin got 3rd in his age group and Tristin...he got 1st!!!! Fun!

Then, on Saturday was Anakin's last JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz) meet in Peoria. He got 1st place individually and their team won 2nd. Then, they calculated their totals for the year and then handed out metals. Anakin got 1st individually and their team...2nd...LOL! They got to keep the trophy too...although I'm not sure who ended up with it. (Wow, Anakin needs a major hair cut!)
We also found out that the JBQ leaders want Anakin to go to the State competition in April! We thought he wasn't going to be able to go...mainly because his team is not extremely strong. Anakin is, the other 2 boys aren't. (I feel bad saying that but it's true. One boy maybe gets 10 points - that's one question and the other boy gets a little more..but, a lot of the time they end up with negative points!) Basically, Anakin pulls all the weight. Anyway, they said he can go and compete for individual points...he'll still be eligible for a individual award, if he places. We are going to let him do it, basically for the experience. We also found out that he'll be advancing to the next league next year. That means he'll have a new team (bigger) and he'll have more competition! It's going to be tougher...and I'm not sure he's aware of that. He's gotten used to getting 1st. LOL! I 'think' he'll be assigned certain questions that he'll have to know and then he'll only answer those questions in the competitions. That's less chance for points b/c we don't know what questions they'll ask each round. I really hope he sticks with it.

Anyway, I think I NEED to go shopping tonight. I am so sick of being in this house!!! Maybe I'll take Anakin to Old Navy or something. He needs summer clothes and it'd just be fun to look. (Yeah, right!)

Paxtin is driving me up a wall today...he is a 2 year old boy...no doubt about that! He is into EVERYTHING, climbing, jumping...well, just take a look at this photo...it says it ALL. He was jumping off the coffee table to the couch. Yes, I let him do it so I could get a picture. LOL! If you look closely, you can see that we were watching Toy Story too.

Tia...I just realized you'll be here in what? Two weeks? :) I can't wait!!!!!!! We need to chat before you come! Let's set a date/time, email me! :)

Guess I should share a picture of Tristin too! Here he is at our local children's museum. He loves to paint and I'm so happy I got a picture of him with his name. He's so proud of himself. Can I just say that I love the way he dots his i's...lol! Anakin did the same thing at this age. :) AND...the backwards "s". He only does it about 1/4 of the time he writes his name, but I think it's cute (for now - he's 4, who cares!).


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