Mono sucks.

day 1 - Paxtin
day 2 - Paxtin
day 3 - Paxtin, Tristin
day 4 - Tristin
day 5 - Tristin
day 6 - Tristin
day 7 - Tristin
day 8 - Tristin
day 9 - Tristin
day 10 - Tristin
day 11 - Tristin
day 12 - Tristin
day 13 - Tristin
day 14 - Tristin
day 15 - Tristin (no temp, but still weak, etc), Anakin
day 16 - Anakin <- That's today...yep, Anakin's got it now.

The past 15 days have been kind of a blur really. I've been pretty bummed that this is all happening during Spring Break. (They go back to school on Monday.) Not that we had huge plans, but we could have done a few things...kids' museum, zoo, etc. I'm just praying that David and I don't get it!!! Anyway, Paxtin didn't really have anything besides a 105.something temp. He tested negative for strep. Then, Tristin got it and he tested positive. They told us it was Scarlet Fever/Strep...a few days later, his glands were so swollen...another trip to the doctor's office and they told us it was Mono. Now, it could have been with Paxtin too...Tristin's immune system isn't as great as the other 2 boys. So, it'll be interesting (to say the least) to see how long this lasts with Anakin.

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