Mono Update
Anakin ended up having it for at least 3 days, if not 4. We kept him home from school the first day after Spring Break...and he didn't have a temp, he was just exhausted (but he couldn't have gone anyway since they are suppose to be temp free for 24 hours before returning). We let him go on Tuesday, even though I probably should have kept him home. He had earned a movie (at a local theater) with his class for reading 500 hours during a certain time. I just had to let him go. LOL! Anyway, everyone is better...but Tristin is still acting tired at times and his glands are still swollen. We still wonder if Anakin and Paxtin just reacted different to this sickness because of the differences in their immune system.
Busy Day Today
I've got lots of pictures to share, let's see if Blogger will be nice to me tonight...forgive me, I didn't edit any of these photos and I'm NOT a photographer. ;)

Here's Anakin's "cheese" look...man, does his head look huge...or is it just cause he's skin and bones? LOL!

Today we colored Easter eggs...

Oh, this one makes me laugh! Tristin doing his "deer in head lights" look. :)

Paxtin...he really loved coloring eggs this year and surprisingly, he didn't make too big of a mess!

We also went to an Egg Hunt, which was put on by our church. I was with Paxtin the whole time, so I didn't get shots of Anakin or Tristin. David got one or 2 of Tristin with his camera...poor Anakin...he missed his group starting their hunt. But, someone ran and got him a bag (David had the bucket in our wagon and we couldn't see him - long story, but Anakin was in line to get a balloon animal and we 'thought' we had time....) Anyway, Anakin ended up helping clean up the 2 year old "section" of the hunt. There weren't a whole lot of 2 year olds...probably because it was FREEZING outside. I don't think it was even 30 degrees...and it was WINDY. I've never been so cold! Okay, here are some pictures...keep in mind I was just holding the camera out and taking pictures while I was trying to help Paxtin grab eggs. LOL! It was humorous, I'm sure.

That last photo cracks me up. I'm sure I'll scrap that somehow! ;)

We also made Resurrection Buns today! If you don't know what those are, you can read about it here: http://homeparents.about.com/cs/eastercrafts/a/eastertradition.htm

I am just sharing the pictures I took of Paxtin, they are too cute! He really got into this too. David was helping him with it...here he is stealing a bite of the uncooked biscuit. YUCK!

He didn't mind it too much...he did spit it out after this though!

Plopping "Jesus the Marshmallow" into his "tomb of a biscuit"! LOL!

So, we wrapped them up and we'll eat them in the morning. Tristin is excited...he doesn't remember what happens (the marshmallow melts and "Jesus" is gone/alive). I can't wait to see his face...I'll try to get a picture.

I must go stuff their eggs...we're doing change this year instead of candy. We knew they'd get enough of that at the egg hunt. ;) Yes, we celebrate the Christian part of Easter...that's the most important. But, we also let the boys have Easter baskets, hunt eggs, etc. We don't "do" the Easter bunny. I just never thought to start that and I'm glad. ;)


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Julie (mrs2a50) said...

OMGosh, that last picture at the hunt cracks me up. I see a new career in your future! I'm not into marshmallows, but the ressurection buns sound cool! Good way to teach the little ones about Easter :)

And do your kids ever wear clothes in your house? LOL!