Last Weekend

My Mom was put into the hospital last Friday (for pain - and she just had her second back surgery in 2 months this morning) and we had planned on visiting her on Saturday, so we still went...we just had to go to the hospital instead of the house. While there, we took a bathroom break and Paxtin had to check out all the vending machines. I love this picture. It screams CURIOSITY! We did find 10 cents in the change hole. LOL!!!

We then went to the Peoria Zoo. For some reason I thought the "Africa part" was open, well, it won't be completed until NEXT June. Opps! It's an okay zoo...I actually think our zoo in Bloomington is better. But, we had fun.
Then, on Sunday...

The kids' pastor baptized him. He rocks! We are so blessed by him and his wife, Lisa and kids. Then, this might have been on Monday... David started spraying the kids with the hose and they got him back! LOL! (Yes, I helped!) They ended up going swimming because they were all soaked anyway. The kids were happy!
I think that's it. This weekend...well, David just left with Anakin to go to a Royal Rangers camp out. They'll be back tomorrow afternoon. So, Tristin, Paxtin and I are going to have a movie/pizza/bowling with the Wii night! Tomorrow...I might surprise them with a trip to a water park. ;) I've got some scrapping to do too. :)

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