Yesterday was crazy. Anakin went to the pool with a friend for most of the day. Tristin had his last day of summer school (it's called Preschool Playmates, it's just a lot of fun stuff) and Paxtin and I just stayed home. We picked up Tristin and came home, had lunch and I promised them we could swim in our pool before naps. The boys were outside playing and I got my suit on and came out. I took about 10 steps and was stung by a wasp TWICE. OOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUCH! I can't remember the last time I was stung. I'm thankful that it wasn't one of the boys that got stung! David ended up coming home to check out the sting (we are guessing what stung me because there was a nest right next to me, the wasp must have been on her way back to the nest -- or leaving it. We've walked by the nest many times and this has never happened. Yeah, David has known about the nest for weeks! Let's just say he sprayed it last night.

Okay, so we waited an hour or so and then I took the boys into the pool. We swam for a bit and Paxtin said he was done and he went to the side of the pool. I turned my back for 1 second and started to walk to the other side of the pool (where we usually get out) and then told him to come over here...I turned around and he had slipped off the edge (we have one of those pools you blow up the ring and then fill it) and was going under. I swear, that had to have been the scariest thing I've ever seen. My poor baby. We have been thinking all summer that he was pretty safe in there. He can stand, walk around and play. We figured he would be able to stand back up if he went under. This was a horrible reminder that NO, he wouldn't be able to! Ugh...enough about that, I'm just glad I was only 2 steps from him.

Anakin came home from swimming. He had a great time. While he was there, he said he hit his head - apparently hard. Then, he was going to get in his bed (he jumped on it - on all fours) and his head landed on a transformer that was under a blanket. Of course, it had to be the only metal one he owns! OUCH!

Hmmm....what else. Paxtin fell down our basement stairs! I heard him going to the stairs and he was messing around jumping from one to the other. I didn't think about it...until I heard the thump thump thump and then the screaming. He's got a rug burn on his leg and I'm sure it'll be bruised. I looks like he landed on something at the bottom. You know, a toy or something that should be somewhere else!

Then.... David left to go see a movie with a friend and I took the boys down to our neighbor's house to get Anakin. We were there for a few minutes and then I had that sinking feeling. UGH, I locked the door behind me! (Habit) I came back to the house PRAYING the garage door was unlocked. Most of the time I lock it. There are times though that David will go in the garage to get something (this time it was the wasp spray) and he'll leave the door open a crack. Don't ask me why, he just does it. Can't stand it...it's like air conditioning the garage! So, I opened the big garage door and then went to the door to the kitchen. WHOOOHOOOO David left the door open! LOL! One time I'm happy he did it!

I went to bed at 9:30pm. I NEVER EVER go to bed early. I'm normally up until 1am or later! Anyway...I think that's everything crazy that happened yesterday. I'm hoping today is quiet! ;) We're going to the library (for the 2nd time the whole summer)...Anakin was doing the reading program. We have so many books...he was just reading the ones we have. I think that's all we've got planned! I've got some cleaning to do and hopefully, the boys can run around outside before lunch/naps. :) Have a great day!

Before I go, here are a few recent layouts. You can go here to see the credits: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showgallery.php?ppuser=24

Emily Merritt has started designing at is selling at http://www.thedigichick.com/. I'm loving her bright primary colors! Here are a few layouts I've done for her:

This one is for Carrie Stephen's team. I love these pictures of Paxtin and Morgan (our neighbors' little girl). Look at the top two...you can see Paxtin shaking his booty! LOL!

Then, there's Popeye yawning. Too funny. He's on the couch inside and I was outside playing with the boys. He had his paws on the window so I was trying to take a picture without getting a glare...then he yawned. Perfect! LOL! This was for one of my newest teams - Shawna Clingerman's (http://www.mylittlescraps.com/). LOVE her stuff.

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Carrie said...

great layouts. I hope everything has settled down over there! Goodness, when it rains it pours! I've been lucky enough to never be stung by bees/wasps. I have tripped down the basement stairs, though. Ouch! We're looking into one of those kinds of pools (I think what you have) but our neighbors keep telling us if you don't have REALLY flat ground under it, it won't fill properly. Maybe next summer.