He DOES have it! Etc.

I won't say he is totally potty trained, but Paxtin went all day again today with underwear on (even during nap) and stayed dry - no accidents! WHOOOOHOOOO!

A new layout I posted today. It's for a challenge at www.shabbymissjenndesigns.com.

Today was kind of crazy. Crazy as in, I felt like I was only home for about an hour total. I was here more than that...just felt odd. We watched Jack this morning (a friends' 3 year old) from 8 - 10:15am. I dropped him off to his mom at the school and then we (Me, Tristin and Paxtin) rushed Tristin to a dentist appointment. It was just a cleaning and his teeth were perfect. I quickly had the dentist look at Paxtin's teeth because I figured something was up...that something being sucking on a passy for way toooooo long. (Shhhhh Jenny, keep your comments to yourself. LOL!!!! JK!) He confirmed it and then went on to tell me that his own boy had one until he was way older than Paxtin and had the same problem. ;) So, I told Paxtin it was time to give it up and we talked about going to the mall to pick out a Webkins. For Jenny who is off the coast of Africa...Webkins is the new "thing to collect, that you don't need" here. Like a beanie baby, but then you get a code and you can go onto the computer and play this little Sims-like game with them. Anyway, Anakin has a game going, but honestly, he's only played it 2 times. He just loves stuffed dogs. So, we don't get into the game thing. Anyway, Paxtin gave the lady at the store his passy. I was so proud of him. We had lunch, took Tristin to school and then we came home to take a nap. Well, he got out of bed several times and then cried really hard for his passy. I felt so bad. :( But, I started signing to him and he quieted down and went to sleep! WHOOOOHOOO! THEN, tonight for bed, he got up a few times and talked to his brothers (they are all in the same room now) and got in trouble for that...but, he didn't cry for his passy! He even found one in his room and gave it to David and joked that he was going to use it. Hopefully, tomorrow will be easy too.

So, after nap we ran and got Tristin from preschool, Anakin from school and then ran an errand. I forgot my purse on the kitchen table...so, that sucked. When David got home, Anakin and I ran to eat at Qdoba - YUM...his first time and he loved the tacos, Home Depot to look at swingsets, to Walmart for some blinds and food (we skipped the food, he was being difficult and I could tell he was ready for BED. It was 7pm.) We came home, I threw in a load of laundry, David got the boys ready for bed and bam...here I am.

Tomorrow I plan to not go anywhere! If I do, it'll only be to go to Wally World or Meijer to get my veggies for supper. ;)

Note to Jenny: I can't remember if you ever had Qdoba. I know you like Fiesta Ranchera...but, man, Qdoba is good!!! BTW, are you eating the eel there?

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Ann said...

Yay, Paxtin!! And yay, Mommy, for blogging again!!