Monday - Just an update

It was back to school for Anakin and Tristin today. Not very eventful, we were all just excited to get back on our little schedule.

We had a great spring break. David got to take a little time off to spend with us too, we went bowling, out for lunch at Daddy's work and out for supper as a family. We had a visit from David's sister, Linda and friend Sue...and the dogs, of course. Spent time with the grandparents. Celebrated Easter. We also painted and decorated our Pinewood Derby cars and went to the race (taking away lots of trophies). We all love it when we can just stick around home and have fun. That brings me to my next thought, for what it's worth. We are once again thinking about building a fort-like swingset for the boys. It's worse than looking for furniture in my opinion! We have no huge plans to travel this summer, so it looks like we will be hanging out in our backyard a lot again. ;)

Shadow. He's still MY dog. I love him so much. As I sit here and type, he's sleeping next to me on the couch, with his head on my ankle (his favorite for some reason). He got neutered over Spring Break. They actually had to make two incisions because one of his b*lls had not descended. Poor guy. He came home kind of sleepy, followed me everywhere - even closer than normal and slept a lot. The next day he was back to normal. It was sooooooo hard trying to keep him calm. This dog is NOT calm! Jumping, etc. ugh, but he went in for a quick stitches check just to be sure. He's perfect.

Paxtin. He's such a joy to me. The third, the last boy, the baby. Today was such a good day in the potty training world. I think he actually HAS IT! He wore underwear all day...stayed dry and even stopped and said, "I have to go potty!!!" as he ran down the hall to the bathroom. I am so happy! :)

I really need to write down things as the day goes by. I have no memory anymore. I know I had a few funny things from today, but I can't remember what they were. So, I'll stop for now. I know those that actually read this will be SHOCKED that I blogged again so soon. LOL!

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Amanda said...

I'm happy to see another blog from you. So glad you all had a good SB. I'm interested to see the fort-like swingset, sounds very cool. Congrats to Paxtin on the potty training, how exciting for you and him. Off to try and sleep before the little man wakes up.