I lost 3 lbs this week! That's 11 lbs in 4 weeks! I wish it were 110 lbs, but hey, I've got to do it the healthy way. ;)

Tristin had a great week at school. He had "green days" all week long! I'm sure his teacher is just as happy as we are. LOL! Anakin also is doing really well. He's gotten all A's on his quizzes and tests so far. Got to love that! Paxtin had his Open House for preschool on Thursday. Can you believe I didn't take my camera? Opps! He was soooooooooo happy to see 4 different boys there that he met at summer school! His favorite, "Jimmy" was there too. I wish I could have got a picture of his face when he saw him. His eyes got HUGE and he made a cute "excited" noise. He loved Jimmy at summer school...although he never really played with him. LOL! He must be the "cool kid". ;)

I'll be back later with pics, layouts and more... :)

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Karlise said...

Congrats Keela!! Keep it up! I'll be hopping back on the bandwagon once Bella starts eating some solids. I think it's harder the second time around to lose. At least IME. It's going to be hard to go from eating whatever I want to eating right again! LOL

Glad all is well on the school front!