Down 8.4 lbs in 3 weeks!


I'm so excited! www.naturallyyoursgrocery.com just opened a store near us! Since starting my "new way of life", I have been visiting our different grocery stores...Walmart, Kroger, Schnucks, Meijer...and have been scouting out things that are healthy. Walmart sucks in this department! You've just got to stick with milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, fruits and veggies...I hardly don't even shop in the middle of Walmart anymore. Kroger...they are better. They actually have a health food section. There are a few things I can get there. Schnucks has a large section and Meijer has stuff spread throughout the store and they have a sign at the top of each section that says "Healthy Living". So, at least I know where to go now. LOL! But, Naturally Yours is ALL health stuff, organic, etc. It's like walking into heaven for me. I'm so ready to try different stuff and get healthy. :) I found Stevia drops there for our tea. I found more "No Pudge" fudge brownie - NO FAT mix...lots of different Soy Crisps that I think are YUMMY and make me not miss my chips. Tofu..tofu hot dogs...gonna try those tonight. :) It is expensive, but I don't care! I feel better eating this stuff!

Quick note about Tristin. He had a "yellow day" and then a "green day" yesterday. He's doing so much better, really. His teacher said they moved him and a few others to make more room at the tables. She said he's doing better being at the end where he doesn't have someone on the sides of him. Not sure what that means, but at least it's working. He is still excited about school and was SUPER excited about the library and computers he got to visit/do. I'd rather deal with the few things he's doing 'wrong' than him not liking school!

That's it for me...I need to get something done around here today! The kitchen is a disaster. I cooked last night and David didn't do dishes. LOL!!! We watched a little Heroes instead. ;)

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