Skull Caps?

Look what I did! I crocheted my first Skull Cap! Whooohoooo! I have wanted to learn to crochet my entire life. My Mom crocheted, but she was right handed and we just couldn't figure out how to teach ME...a lefty. I tried watching her and I tried following, but I just couldn't. Instead, I made up my own. I've crocheted each of the boys a baby blanket and a few others for gifts. Then I started noticing all the cute beanie hats (aka skull caps) and thought...I've got 3 boys. I've got to learn this. So, I searched and searched and didn't find anything on the internet to teach me how to crochet left handed. I needed to SEE it. Then, I stumbled on this blog post: http://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/2008/07/blog-post_11.html Teresa saved the day! Then, another week passed and I started searching for beanie hats, etc. in a left-handed pattern. Guess what I found...Teresa again. She's my new hero. :) So, today I sat down determined to try it...and hour later (I was watching Oprah at the same time), this is what I had:

Anakin LOVES it and the other 2 boys want one NOW. :)


Amanda said...

OMGoodness Keela! I think YOU are on your way to an Etsy shop!!! Lovin' the colors...you did a beautiful job my dear!

Trisha said...

That is so awesome Keela!

I've been wanting to learn to knit but don't want to pay for lessons at local shops and I don't know anyone that can do it.

Karlise said...

Good job! I'll pay you to make Bella one. They are soooo expensive on Etsy!

Ann said...

Very cool, Keela! Maybe we should start a crocheter's club in town. ;-) The skull cap is great -- getting the basics of reducing down is a huge step!