[I'm a LOSER!!!!!]

After a rough week for starting my weight loss/life change...yes, I cheated a few times and didn't get my water in like I should...and no exercise! I still lost 3lbs! YIPPPEEEE! I guess giving up Coke did it. LOL! I also discovered Sprite Free. Tastes so much like Sprite and doesn't have that nasty after taste that a lot of the diet stuff has.

[My Butt]

It's sad to say that my butt layout has gotten more views that a lot of my really good layouts of the boys at DST! Here it is:

Credits: Kim Christensen's RAD CD "White Wash" kit; font is CK True Type.

Don't ask me why I started with #25. It's my favorite number...and it was the first thing to come to my head, naturally. So, I've got to find 24 more reasons. I'm sure it won't be hard!


Today was just a strange day! We had a storm come through this morning and knocked our power out for 4 hours. That meant no morning cartoons for the boys...it just threw our schedule (or lack thereof) off even more! So, I set up their favorite hideout behind the love seat with the curtains pulled over the top. I gave Tristin a flashlight and Paxtin had a little play lantern. I should have taken pics. LOL! They played and were semi amused by it being my idea to make the hideout! The lights came back on...along with the TV and the air...LOL...around 11 am, right after I put Paxtin down for an early nap. He was so tired. Tristin got to watch Scooby Doo and I got to organize some digi files. 2 hours later...yes, we watched Scooby and I was on my computer for 2 hours YIKES! Paxtin woke up and we ate a late lunch...got ready to go out...picked Anakin up from his last day of 'day camp' and we went shopping. We went to Kohls and got David 3 pairs of work pants and 2 books. We also went into the mall and picked up Anakin's free cookies from his library book club. As we were walking out, I peeked into a little shop called the "Mole Hole". Now, I don't shop there. They've got a little bit of everything, frames, candles, knicky nacky things that I just don't have the money or space for! But, I saw CROCS...not the ugly ones (sorry, if you have them and think they are cute, I have huge feet and if you put those on my feet...they'd look like Flintstone feet!) but these:


Sorry, I can't figure out how to get the pic off of there! So, there's the link. I'm soooo excited! I got my first pair of Crocs! :)

We came home seconds before David got home and we chilled for a few minutes before I made supper. We actually had breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage and toast. Yum. I went easy on the b/s. ;)

Okay, I'm off to bed...later!


Carrie said...

We didn't have a storm Sunday night, but sure had one last night. Set our smoke detector off a few times the house shook so hard. No power outs, though.
Congrats on the 3 pounds. From what I've heard, soda can definitely make a big difference. I have been walking on the treadmill- too humid to go outside, plus walking with Ethan isn't doesn't get my heart rate up enough. I don't have a scale.
Keep up the good work! great layout, too.

Julie (mrs2a50) said...

LOOOOOOOSER! (Can you see the hand gesture? My hand on my forehead in the shape of an "L"?!?) You go girl!

Karlise said...

WTG Keela!! Keep it up! Hey, how do you like those Crocs? I have a pair of Niles I'm not thrilled with but I wear them around the house. I want to try a pair of the new Mary Jane type Crocs.

Maby said...

I went like 4 days w/o drinking ANY soda.. and then I drank 1/2 a cup of sprite from McDonalds.. then I went another 3 days with no soda.. and then I drank another one.. I think overall - it's ok I guess. I also posted on my blog -- I failed... but my friends commented that not really since I had some success in not drinking any... hmm... maybe it's time to add exercise lol.

my2boys said...

way to go girlie!!! woohooooo! loooserrrr! heheheh. Love the butt layout...too funny that it got so many hits! heheh.

Love the shoes. I have seen the show too...isn't it AWESOMEEEE??@?@?@