Not sure how much I am suppose to say...so, I'll just say that I'm sad. I won't be on Amy Tanabe's kit crew any longer. :(

I'm sad that Kim Christensen is leaving SBB and going to ScrapArtist. I should explain that I'm not sad that she's going there, I think it's awesome for her! I love her designs...in fact, with the release of her RAD CD, I think she's my favorite boy designer right now. I emailed her a few days ago asking if I was "fired" from her Creative Team. I haven't heard from her. I know she's super busy, but it would be nice to know since ScrapArtist has their own team...I'm probably not really needed now. So, I'm bummed.

I'm also a little sad that I haven't heard back from Jen Wilson. I can forgive my favorite designers though...I know they are so busy. The little work I've done for retrodiva/Digital Freebies, I know it takes a ton of work to run a website! Answering emails and problems is probably one of the heftiest of chores. Anyway, I really would like to participate in Jen's contest starting on the 19th. I emailed her to see if I would be able to. You see, I do have a "guest spot" with Jen. That was like in what? April? I honestly don't remember anymore! I'm sad that nothing has happened with it because she rocks and I love all her stuff...I have almost all of it...and I want all of the future stuff. Honestly, my favorite layouts have been my layouts I have done for contests and it's with her stuff! I'm rambling... I just want to know.

A. Will it ever be? (the guest spot, that is)
B. If not, can I participate in the contest?

That's it. Okay, I'm done whining. ;) So, here's some good news!

[TOOT!!! I won, I won!]

Last Saturday the gals (and Mr It, I think they call him) had a bash at Designer Digitals. All day chats/challenges. I was there for most of it...at least I tried to be. I popped in and out all day. I particpated in 2 of the challenges. I think the deal was that the designers/CT members that hosted that hours' chat would pick one winner from the galleries for each hour. (Correct me if I'm wrong...anyone!) Now, first I want to say that there were a lot of people at the chats...and only a few that actually did the challenges. I was really kind of surprised since they gave us a ton of freebies. I was kind of compairing it to ScrapArtist's birthday celebration too. They had so much more activity in the galleries. Was it timing? In my lovely little head I think that ScrapArist and DesignerDigitals are two of the best sites! Those two site can ask me anytime to design for them and I'd drop everything (well, almost everything) to do be on their CTs! Of course, I compair myself to C.D....one of my most favorite scrappers and then I think...whatever! I don't deserve it! She RAWKS! Check out her blog here: http://cdmuckosky.blogspot.com/ I do have to add (because I think it's cool) that she has the cutest daughters and they all have cool, unique names AND they are 7, 4 and 2. My boys are almost 7, 4 and 2. Too funny!

Wow, I'm long winded tonight. Can you tell I don't want to scrap? I'm just scrapped out today.

So, I did this layout: okay, blogger isn't letting my post my pics! So, here's the link to the winning layout:


We were suppose to use the free little mini kit that Jackie gave us. I had just happened to have bought the whole kit the night before. :) So, the dotted paper is from the full kit. The rest was from the chat. Apparently, they liked it. I won this kit of Jackie's (which I hadn't bought yet, surprisingly enough!)


[SBB Elements CT Entries]

I finally decided that I was going to enter the "contest" to see if I can get on Scrapbook-bytes Elements Creative Team. With the changes in my CTs, I decided to go for it. I had to ask some questions about this because I had no idea that SBB had a seperate Elements team where a handful (or a few more) of designers make kits...and they have a Creative Team. (Thanks for the help Carrie!)

You can get the info here about the call: http://scrapbook-bytes.com/chat/showthread.php?t=23497

Here are my entries:




Okay, I'm tired! I'm signing off...night! :)


Julie (mrs2a50) said...

Keela, your DD layout is fantastic, and your SBB entries simply blow me away! Your scrapping has evolved SO much in the last year or so since I got to know you, and I simply love to cruise your galleries for inspiration! I wish we were closer - I would love to do a scrapathon with you and pick your brain, especially since we're both DIP girls! You make me want to branch out and do SO much more with my scrapping!

Amy Tanabe said...

Awww I'm bummed that you are sad. :( But congrats on the win at Designer Digitals and I bet more CT's are right around the corner.

Carrie said...

You may be sad, but you sure do rock! Seriously, I'm sorry to hear that you are sad, but I'm sure the CTs will come together, you are such an amazing digi-gal. I want to be like you when I grow up!

Kellie said...

Hey girl (((hugs))), this all just means that you are free for other CTs to pick you up cause you seriously ROCK Ms Keela!! Plus, I'm pretty sure that Jen will be doing something with her guest spots as she had a place in the original gallery for Guest CT layouts. And congrats on the wieghtloss - you are my inspiration girl, I'm 'going straight' on Monday!!!