I sometimes forget how little Anakin once was! He was such a serious baby (and now a very serious 7 year old). We used to call him our "little man" with his big eyes, baggy underneath and crinkly forehead...he was so sweet. It's almost therapeutic scrapping this photo. I tend to dwell on what we need to work on or change...the behavior. Ugh...but sometimes I still see this sweet face. Anakin doesn't realize that when I look at him, I do see this little baby. The innocence...it's still there. :)

OMGosh...it's a bladder infection. UGH!!!!!!!!! I just went to the doctor...took my prescription in and guess what the pharmacy said...that the doctor that wrote the prescription is not covered under my insurance! WHAT? I have Health Alliance insurance...I go to Carle Clinic...it's all Health Alliance! So, I'm calling the nurse advisory number ) right now (at almost 10 pm) to have them figure this out! I need the meds so it doesn't turn into another kidney infection!

AND...we went to the water park today. One that has water shooting out of the ground. LOVE those. I don't have to worry about the boys falling into a foot of water (that's at the local pool) face first. Yes, I worry too much.
Okay, seriously, this post has been sitting here for a few days now. It's now Monday...David is still coughing up a lung and today has been horrible for me! I haven't been drinking enough water, well, I wasn't. I am now. I hate kidney infections!

Until next time...

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