There's a lot of tooting going on over here!!! For my non-digital scrapbooking friends, that means I've got something to yell from the roof tops! Look...2 of my babies are in 2 different digi newsletters this month!

First, Anakin in Dani and Amy Martin's ad for "Funky Free"...one amazing kit! Get it here: http://www.the-lilypad.com/ or http://www.sweetshoppedesigns.com/ It's the red one in the middle...the layout I shared in my last entry.

Second...the layout I did for the http://www.digishoptalk.com/ newsletter. The fab Carrie Stephens at http://www.fishscraps.com/ is the designer for the month. I sooooo love this kit...love you Carrie! LOL! Here's Paxtin.

THEN...I got a PM from Emily over at http://www.sweetshoppedesigns.com/. I got Layout of the Week for this:

That's Paxtin again...using Shawna Clingerman's new kit "Pile of Scribbles and Funk" at SSD. Whoooohoooo! I got a gift certificate to the store!

And...I should have a layout featured here tonight (or tomorrow): http://scrapngal.blogspot.com/ for my Scrapnfonts Design Team.

It's nice to have something good to blog about again! I had a rough afternoon with Anakin...which ended in a good evening with the family (thank you God). We lit a few sparklers and did a few confetti poppers (or whatever they are called) and threw a billion poppers (as we call them)...the things you throw at the ground and they pop. Oh...the boys LOVED them. I've got lots of great pictures but I need to save some for future use (there's a contest coming up, not sure if I'm going to enter, but I may...).

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!

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