Day 2 on the Potty Train!

6 Successes
2 Accidents

Paxtin peed on Anakin & Tristin's bedroom floor and unfortunately on Tristin's pillow (it was on the floor...they were making forts, of course)! LOL! The other accident was poop, so...wow, I'm proud! :) Not sure what tomorrow will bring with church. I'm sure we'll have to put him in a pull-up.

I have felt like crap today. I had a headache last night and woke up with one this morning (hate that). I don't think I've ever had a migraine, but man, this could have been one. I took a nap...woke up and felt even worse! The light was too bright and the boys' voices (they like to hum a lot...I mean a LOT) drove me nuts. I quickly sent them outside to play. ;) Like they minded! I feel a little better tonight, but I need to go to bed earlier tonight. So...night! :)


Carrie said...

Hi! Long time, no comment! Sorry I haven't kept up. I hope your headache is better. I actually ave one right now too. I htink I get them weather-related since we've lived here.
Anakin is the 7 year old, right? (relating to the June post)- Ethan is going through some BAD onery (how do you spell that?)times this summer. I hope it's just a phase! School starts in a month, I really think that will help.
Anyway, just wanted to say hi! I'd still love to meet up with you someday. Are you still going through an adoption process?

Dixi said...

OMGosh Keela we are trying to potty train my 2 year old too. It's so frustrating for me because I HATE the accidents. Sounds like you are doing a great job!
I emailed Doug a few days ago b/c I still haven't heard about the situation with stuff being charged to my credit card and if they will refund it or not....haven't heard anything! GRRRR.... Let me know what you find out!