Isn't he the sweetest?
Shadow's 8 week photo shoot. LOL! I really lucked out and got this while I was playing with him in the leaves. I took a bazillion shots and got a few good ones, that's all that maters! ;) We're dealing with "the poops" still. David called the vet and got some medication for him. He had shots/meds a week ago, ate some cat food (that'll do it) and was switched to a different food (Melissa, we switched to the 'other' food you suggested. Petco here is not carrying the other one anymore. They said it wasn't popular enough. Whatever. We were desperate because we didn't think THAT would happen, so the switch was a little abrupt, I'm sure. Poor puppy!)

You can see the credits for that layout here: http://www.myscrapbookart.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=14095&ppuser=54


Karlise said...

OMG! He's so cute!!

Ann said...

Keela, he's adorable!!