Meet Shadow Deuce Fox!
Our new cockapoo puppy! We just got him today. I will post more pictures soon. The boys are super excited and Tristin has already asked about 1,000 times if he's ours to keep. LOL! David came up with the name Shadow. "Scooby" just didn't fit because he's so black. We thought about naming him "Izzy" after the dog I grew up with or even "Deuce" meaning the 2nd Izzy. So, we went with Shadow and I snuck the Deuce in as a middle name. LOL!!!! He's sleeping at my feet next to the couch right now and Popeye (our 14 year old cat) is sitting across the room staring at him! Shadow already tried to play with Popeye (David got it on video, I'll have to see if he'll You Tube it for me!) :)


Lindsey said...

Ok, I honestly don't know which is cuter, your boys or your puppy!!! Can I just come live with the Foxes??

The boys are getting SO big! I almost don't recognize Paxtin! They are so precious!

How have you been lately? I've been missing you and thinking about you often!

KirstyB said...

OMG...he is ADORABLE!!!!!! I wanna come play!! Share more pics when you get a chance!!

Hugs!! :)

Tania said...

Oh Keela!! He is so cute!!!