Shadow's 2nd Day

Wow, we love this puppy! :) I just wanted to quickly say a "public" blog thank you to Melissa and Brad, the breeders. Today we started taking Shadow outside to go potty. We also had the Wee Wee pad out. He had a few accidents early this morning (in the kitchen, not on the pad) and then we started taking him outside. He's gone potty every single time and has only gone one other time...and that was on the pad! We're thrilled! Of course, we are on major potty watch all the time...after eating, after sleeping, after playing...but, hey, it's working! So, thank you guys for everything YOU did while he was there. We at least feel we're off to a good start.

One thing we are learning. Don't leave anything on the floor! LOL! We're used to 3 messy boys. I'm just wondering how long it'll be before something gets chewed and their lesson will be learned!

Shadow also got into our vet today. Everything checked out fine. He had a couple shots...which I can't even remember what they were, David took him.

Oh...he'd better stop chewing on my Crocs and computer cords! 2 things you don't mess with. LMBO! ;)

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Pam said...

Shadow is adorable Keela! I love the name!