I finally got Paxtin 1 year pictures taken (hey, at least it was before he was 13 months). I so wish I was a photographer. It would be fun getting more pictures of him. But, Sears Portrait Studio does a good for me...CHEAP. :) So, these are the shots we got.

Now I can get his hair trimmed. It keeps getting into his eyes. I'm just praying some of the curl will stay. I have high hopes because my curls are natural.

It's been a rough morning with Anakin. I love him so much...he tests my patience daily. I never thought it would be this hard to be a Mom. I decided to work on a layout of him to help calm me. LOL! Here is what I did: (this was taken in 2004)

Here's a recent picture & layout of Tristin:

and of Paxtin!


Anonymous said...

Love these layouts Keela! (((hugs))) for you mama - you are doing a super job and it is obvious you love all your little men dearly! Hang in there chick, he will grow up soon!!

Linda said...

OK, cute cute cute kids!!! OMG, that hair on Paxtin! And those photos. Too precious.

And boy, are you crankin' them awesome pages out or what? Love them!!!