Paxtin's First Hair Cut

I got brave tonight and decided to try it myself. I cut Anakin, Tristin and David's hair. I've just been putting Paxtin's cut off...I just didn't want to see his curls disappear. He has my curls...and well, I don't have a girl, but I have a boy with gorgeous curls! LOL! So, I gave him a sucker and got to work. I cut maybe an 1/2 inch at the most all over and in the back where it was the longest, probably an inch. It's still long, but that's the way we wanted it! I love it. It still curls and you can't tell where I missed pieces. (I could when I gave him a bath after his cut). Oh, and that's not a cigar in the "after" picture. LOL! It's a pretzel. ;)




jacque said...

Keela! I dont' know where I've been, I just read the post that you had a blog, so I added it in my bookmarks!!!!! Man, when I started digiscrapping 2 months ago, it took me about 2 hours of reading Dani's Blog and I was hooked!!!!!!! Now, I'm not gonna go start me a blog, I'm not interested, but I swear I SPEND a good chunk of precious scrapping time BLOG HOPPING!!!!!!! Cute BOYS btw!! I love seeing them in all your gorgeous layouts!

Amanda said...

Oh Keela,

I LOVE his new DO! It looks adorable and you did an awesome job. I think the cut really spruced up his curls. I wish I could cut Jason and Hayley's hair. Paxtin is so precious!!!


Shawna said...

ohhh Keela!!!! doesn't it just break your heart! You did a good job of not trimming it too much. I can't believe those CURLS!!!

I so wish we lived close! it would just be fun to see all SIX of our little men together don't you think! :)

candy said...

Oh, you are soooo brave!!! look at those little locks of love! So sweet! I still have Mia's hair from her first cut.. and uh, the second at the salon, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job! I let my mum cut Oscar's hair for the first time last night and he moved around so much it looks AWFUL!! My poor baby - I could've cried!! Hope it grows fast, lol!