We've had a busy past 3 days! Anakin turned 6 on the 2nd and got to go to his first concert all on the same day! David and I took him to see the Winter Jam tour which included Hawk Nelson, Newsong, Zoe Girl, Toby Mac and my favorite Christian group, the Newsboys! http://www.newsboys.com Anakin has been listening to them since he was born...and he loves them. So, this was exciting!

This is Anakin...the stage is behind him in the distance. This was a "pay $10 at the door" concert, so in 1/2 hour the lower bowl was packed! We still had a ball though. Check out the cool necklace Anakin got as a souvenir. (We foresee Rap being in his future.) LOL!

Friday, Anakin got to have a big birthday party with his classmates. To our surprise almost all the kids came! Imagine...20 - 5 & 6 year olds...plus, Tristin, who is 3 and Paxtin, 1. PLUS, siblings and a few helpful parents. WOW. He chose a new location here in town that has a play area like McD's, putt putt golf and video games. We had pizza and cupcakes and he received so many presents. For the record, this will be the last time we do a BIG party. It was too much!!!!

Here are a couple pictures from the night. Anakin finally got his Star Wars party...and Tristin finally got to eat some 'cake'. I think the boy could live on it!

So, today is actually MY 35th birthday. This is a birthday that I haven't really been looking forward to. I look at as being 1/2 way to 40 (yes, I know...1/2 way to 40 was TWENTY!) I had a lot of things I wanted to have done by the time I was 35. The big one was that I wanted to be done having kids. I am done, but there is still a void. I wanted more than 3 kids. I always have. Even though my boys are more work than I EVER imagined, I still wish I could have more. Obviously, God had other plans...Infertility, other health issues have held me back. We are still going to adopt our little girl though, so I have that to look forward to and her birth will be an amazing one. Right? I think it's just it being so final... ugh!

My day. David and I took the day off today. We made plans with a friend to watch all 3 boys for the day. We lounged this morning and then got ready and went and had lunch at the Olive Garden (YUM!). We went and saw "Narnia" for the first time. I'm embarrassed to say...I fell asleep in it! It wasn't because I didn't like it, it was only because I was exhausted! (Paxtin is getting 3 teeth right now and was up a couple times last night.) Then, we went and bought my WACOM TABLET!!!! Thanks to my MIL & FIL for the awesome birthday present. ;) We then ate supper at a place we've never been too before - out of town and finished our night off where we always do...Walmart. Why do we always end up there? LOL! We picked up the boys and found out they had an adventurous day too. They were all in good moods and all went down for the night with no complaints. Thank you God & Jenny! :) Oh..and Jenny had the boys make me cards (TOO CUTE) and they made me a cake. I could have cried..Seriously. David got me some new perfume...my fav...TRESOR and 2 games and a movie. Now, I'm off to do some scrappin'! Night!


Amanda said...


Sound like you all have had an awesome few days. I loved seeing the pictures and hearing about Anakin and your birthdays. Happy Birthday to you again. PS - I SO wish I could see the Newsboys!!


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you and Anakin!! That cake is da bomb. My kids are banned from peeking over my shoulder because if they see that, they will be bugging me forever! LOL! None of their birthdays is anywhere near... ;)

And you are a pretty young thing at 35. I'm so near 40, it's not funny. I totally know what you mean about being done having kids, and having that void. I am done too, and I know it's the right decision for us as a family, and heck, for me as a mom, but I'm sad. Fill me in on the adoption story. It's definitely something we have considered. Please keep me updated!

Margie said...

Happy Birthday! No worries about turning 40-been there done that-it's all good :) Hope the concert was fun-my daughter loves Zoe Girl!