Here are the pictures!

My strong man winning a prize for Tristin. :) I didn't realize that they change the degree of 'hardness' on these games! LOL! He won what Tristin was wanting non-the-less.

Tristin aka "Mr. Squinty Eyes" with his prize...a blow up Superman "balloon" as he calls it.

This is my most favorite picture. Anakin in the front with Tristin following him,
as always. They were having fun cooling off in the water.

This was the only character the boys wanted to pose with! LOL!
One of their favorite cartoons right now. Scooby-Doo!

David and the boys

Me and the boys

Anakin...love this picture!!!

Paxtin eating "dippin' dots" for the first time. These things are cool.
Little tiny balls of ice cream. He pretty much ate the whole dish!
He was soaked by the time he was done and we had to change his shirt. LOL!!!

The sweetest picture. Anakin and Tristin curled up next to each other at the hotel.
One minute they were awake...the next they were out! Peace...of course Paxtin was up another hour after this. He fell asleep at the park because we were there so late. He was also very excited to be free to run around...poor baby hardly walked the whole day!

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Carrie said...

such cute photos! Your boys are adorable.