[ScrapArtist's 1st Birthday!]

My weekend consisted of a lot of things, we went swimming at David's 'work park', swam here at home in our little pool, put some of our new furniture in our living room (wow, what a change!) and ScrapArtist turned 1. LOL! SA is one of my favorite digi stores, but not just the store...the people there are soooo nice. (Hee Heeee! Hi, Kellie!) I had a blast this weekend doing some of their challenges. Oh, and I gave myself a little challenge of using mostly ScrapArtist products. I buy kits and don't get to use them as soon as I'd like because I need to use team products first. So, this time, SA came first. :)
Check out this thread for more info on the challenges: http://www.scrapartist.com/scrapforums/forumdisplay.php?f=52

So, I scrapped most of Saturday away...it was 106 degrees outside with the heat index figured in. YOU COULDN'T BREATH. I stayed in the air. LOL! Here are the challenges I've completed so far! The first one is my very favorite!!! Love the colors!!!

This was the "Poolside Reading" challenge. Scrap your 5 favorite things of summer -
with an emphasis on the journaling. You can see the credits here:

This one was for the "Freestyle" challenge. This layout seriously only took me maybe 20 minutes. The only reason it took that long was because I wanted to put a little bit of thought into the journaling. Once I figured out what was going to do...I just did it and didn't go back and change any of it. That's so not normal for me! LOL! I figured...that is as free as I can be. You can see it closer here along with the credits:

This was for the Synchronized Swimming challenge. You had to take 1 of 2 sketches and create a layout. I used the 8.5 x 11 sketch for my 12x12 page. Here are the credits: http://www.scrapartist.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=18201&cat=500&ppuser=892

I have one more finished, just not sure I like it...it's so plain. I've got ideas for the other 2 challenges too. I guess I'll try to get them done tonight.

[Eating and Drinking...]

Today is my last day of eating/drinking freedom. I guess I shouldn't say it that way. LOL! So far today I've had pizza for lunch, a coke and a few pretzels with whipped cream cheese. So not good for me! Tonight we're getting Olive Garden (or Outback, if David has his way). Tomorrow...it's withdrawl symptoms from no Coke. LOL! I'm ready though.

Okay, I'm going to go rest for a few minutes before Tristin and Paxtin get up from their nap. We've got to go pick up Anakin from camp in an hour anyway. :) Later!


Maby said...

Very cute layouts!!! Are you giving up soda? I want to and continue to try... I make it one or two days and then I cave... I need a soda buddy... :D

Julie (mrs2a50) said...

I just love your favorite things of summer LO Keela! And good luck on all you are giving up - you can do it! :)