[Look at what I got tonight!]

Amy Tanabe's new paper pack at ACOT. It's gorgeous...and 12 papers for $3!
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I don't know if I have a picture (or two) worthy of it...but, I'm going to search high and low for one! I may even do a little scanning of my baby book. I don't know why, but the first thing I thought of was a baby picture of me. LOL!

[Do boys ever have babies?]

Anakin, Paxtin and I were in the truck this morning going to pick Tristin up from summer pre-school. Anakin asks a TON of questions and this is the one he asked me today. "Do boys ever have babies?" I said, "No, they don't have the right stuff to have them." Was that vague enough? He then says..."Oh good, I'm glad. I don't ever want to have a baby." LOL! He then asked me where babies come out...and I just didn't feel like answering him. I was trying to drive for goodness sake! I have told him before and I'm very truthful...it comes out of Mommy's Pee Pee. Oh, that's bad isn't it. Someday...he'll find out it's not exactly from there...for now, it's ok.

[Library News - Some stuff I missed before & an update!]

Anakin started the library reading program 6 weeks into the 8 week program. In one week he caught up! He read 30 books PLUS his 2 'bonus' books that had to be chapter books. The chapter books didn't HAVE to be read by him, we could have read them to him...but, he read them all! Can I tell you how proud we were of him!?!?!?! He's only SIX! So, we took him and let him pick out a few "Magic Treehouse" books...that's his favorite chapter books. We came home from the library after getting his 6 weeks and 2 bonus books stamped and he sat down and finished like 6 more books. Crazy kid! He had the rest finished the next day. 10 more books and he was finished with the program. LOL! So, fast forward 2 weeks and here we are to today. He got to go to the library tonight for the ending party. They had root beer floats and watched some Bugs Bunny cartoons. He was so proud of himself. Oh and he got his last few 'book bucks' (they get 10 book bucks for every 5 books they read and then get to 'spend' them at their little store) and he got to pick out a new FREE book. He was soooooo excited to see they had the Magic Treehouse books! Thanks for letting me brag a little. It's just amazing to me (he is my firstborn afterall). He starts 1st Grade in a few short weeks...and we both are READY!!!

[Surprise on 8-5!]

David has something up his sleeve. All I know is the boys will be at a sitters...and we'll be back late. Hmmm...what could it be?


So, I like to read Gina's blog (http://www.ginamiller.typepad.com/) to see what she buys at Target. That girl can spend $$$! LOL! So, I thought I'd tell you what I bought today. Not as exciting as Gina, I'm sure. First, we didn't go to Target (which I love) we went to Walmart. They had the college supplies out so I went looking for some cushions/pillows we could use in our 'new' living room.

Oh, wait, I didn't get to write about that either! We bought new furniture for our living room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I tell you how excited I am? We have had hand-me-downs from my parents for the past 8 years. The couch is ripping, one of the recliners died...and our couch and chairs in the basement are even worse! The couch down there has to be over 100 years old...seriously...and it's been recovered multiple times. So, it was time. We got a new couch, love seat, chair, ottoman, coffee table, end tables and a couch table (I think that's what it's called). Basically, we're replacing everything but the entertainment center, which I'd love to get rid of...but, not now. I'll take pictures as soon as we get it in the living room.

So, I went looking for cushions/pillows to put on the floor for the boys (or us). Basically, we want to put the boys on the floor. LOL! I wanted beanbags, but they were HUGE and we don't have room for them. I hate the little ones... So, I found them at Walmart! 4...about $16 each. I was so excited. I got tan thinking they'd match our brown couch...nope...looks horrible! LOL! I'm going to go get the darker brown tomorrow.

What else did I buy?

A smushy ball for Paxtin - 88 cents!
Milk & Eggs
Coke (this is the last week)
Bacon and Sausage (Anakin wants to eat breakfast for supper this week!), My favorite BBQ chips (again, this is the last week)
Scalloped potatoes (lmbo...it just sounded good, I was thinking what can I buy that I like and haven't had and won't be having in a long time)
Mac N Cheese and Spagetthi O's (those are only for the kids...oh, okay, I'll eat a little Mac N Cheese)
A new makeup case for me
Chewy Lifesavers for Anakin and Bear cookies for Paxtin (he was HUNGRY).

What was the damage? $106 dollars for some junk and some pillows. UGH!

On that note...night!!!

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Amy Tanabe said...

:) You are a sweetheart! Oh and when Trenton starts to ask about the baby thing, I'm sending him to you. LOL you crack me up!