UGH!!!!!!!! Blogger just ate a long post with pictures. I'm going to cry!!! Here's the short version!

[I love Mater!]

Long story short. This is at David's work...they sponsored "Cars" and they came to corporate headquarters for us to see. Thank God because the next day they had the cars at a public location and thousands upon thousands came through. As you can see here, we had it good!

[Runner up?]

They say I came in first, but really I really came in 2nd, so wouldn't I be called "runner up"? At any rate, here are the contest results: http://www.peppermintcreative.com/DNTS/top5.html You can click on our names to see our layouts we did for the contest. Personally, I know that I did the best I could do and creativity, I rocked the house. The contest pushed me once again. I'm glad I participated. Now, I need to concentrate on my design/creative teams and rock them. ;)

Okay...must...go....to....bed!!! Night!


Carrie said...

Holy Cow girl! Those layouts ROCK! You are awesome. I somehow didn't even now about that contest (not that I would have entered, but I would have followed along layout postings). You absolutely deserve "FIRST" place. I hope you don't mind being scraplifted.

Kellie said...

AWESOME Keela!!! I am not surprised - I thought your layouts totally ROCKED the gallery!!! You are a constant inspiration!