[Kim Christensen...she's done it again!]

This CD was released last week, but with my blog 'down', I didn't get to show it off as I would have. So, here it is...the best CD I've ever seen. Seriously. To top it off, it's all BOY (but could be used for a girl too...it's just not flowery and no PINK!) :)
Okay, Kim and Meredith Fenwick did a boy CD a few months ago that rocks too! I can't forget that. I need to go back and use that more. It's also at www.scrapbook-bytes.com.

Link to Kim's CD at the store: http://scrapbookbytes.com/store/product.php?productid=19130&cat=0&page=1 There is a downloadable CD, a shipped CD and she's putting the individual kits in right now.

Here are the layouts I've made with the CD so far. (You can click on my gallery links to the right also to get a closer looks...and leave me some love.) I seriously can't wait to use them again. Kim has the BEST elements I've ever seen. They are always varied and different...not the same tags, etc. that we see all the time. I had so much fun doing these:

Tristin, my goggle boy, actually I have 2, Paxtin is one too...I just haven't done the layout yet. LOL!
Credits: Kim's "White Water" kit from her RAD CD. This LO will be in next month's E-zine at Scrapbook-bytes!!!

Credits: Kim's "SK8" kit from her RAD CD. I want to EAT the circle paper. LOL!

Credits: Kim's "Market" kit from her RAD CD.

For some reason, it's not letting me add the last layout here, so here's a link to my gallery:


[Miss Mint Contest]

I entered another contest at www.peppermintcreative.com. Mainly because I just wanted the challenge. My favorite layouts are the ones that I did in the last contest...so, I figured I just needed the push. I have entered my last layout and now the wait is on to see who wins. You can see all my layouts here: http://www.peppermintcreative.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=lastupby&uid=261.

Okay, that's all for now, I've GOT to go pack. We're heading to Six Flags tomorrow (and David just told me it has FREE wireless access!)...lol!!!


Carrie said...

Great layouts! I love Kim's cd, just have to save some money for it. I totally agree about the variety of new stuff she makes.
Have a great time at 6 Flags! I'm thinking we'll try and make a trip there sometime later this year, if not, definitely next year.
Tell your "tech support" thanks for getting you up and running! Looks good.

Kellie said...

Your layouts ROCK Keela!! You are just so creative and talented, I adore your work!!