My life has been even more crazy than it normally is...on Tristin's birthday, we started some home improvement. A friend of ours refinished our hard wood floors in our living room. That took 3 days. Since then, David has been painting the room. It is taking forever! He works all day then comes home and works on it right away. I usually take the boys out of the house or take them outside or downstairs. Our life seems so crazy right now! We are looking forward to being able to eat at our kitchen table again, sit in the living room on our new furniture...and just have room to walk around! Here are some pictures:

***UGH! Why?!?!?! I accidently deleted this picture and now I can't get it re-loaded! I will try again later or tomorrow...I know you really want to see my nasty before pictures! ;)

This is the before shot of the floors.
Nasty...I can't believe it took us this long to get them refinished!
You can see where the couch was...lol!

Here's Paxtin playing...it's been hard to keep him out of the room! I think
he's holding David's "safety glasses" here. He loves them!

You can see the refinished floors in this picture. I didn't have time to get an "after"
shot because we went staight to painting once the floors where finished.

That is the sample paint we bought...and it will be the final color on this one wall. :) Don't ask me why David painted that shape!

Tristin painting the primer on last night...
in his underwear! LOL! I already did a layout of this
(see on the sidebar). He loves to paint and had so much fun!

...and Anakin paiting the primer. He kept moving too much so his pictures were blurry. :( I think maybe Virtual Photographer can fix it for me.


In other news...Paxtin has been sick since LAST weekend. He had a fever last weekend and then broke out in a rash last Tuesday. I took him to the doctor on Wednesday because I was suppose to watch 2 boys on Friday and I knew the Mom was leaving on Thursday. I was right in what I thought it was...Roseolla...and it's viral. So, I didn't get to watch the boys. Thing is...Paxtin didn't have a fever for like 5 days and now it's back again...and this time higher. His dots are almost gone though. I'm wondering if he's got something else working on him now. Teeth? I don't know. But, Tristin has a low grade fever now...and he's going to have to miss his first day of school tomorrow. :( I'm just praying he'll be well enough to go to school on Wednesday. He has his first field trip to "Safety Town" and the Fire House. Speaking of Field Trips...Anakin has one this week too. He gets to go to a pumpkin place where they have mazes, rides, etc.

[I've been holding this in...]

I've got a HUGE, the biggest ever...Toot coming. I can't share and it's driving me nuts!

[Random Info]

This weekend I went to a huge garage sale that was put on by the Mom's of Multiples group here in town. Now, I'm sure there were lots of nice things there, but I was totally disappointed! Maybe it's because Anakin is wearing a 5-6 now and the selection is bare when you get past 4T. I don't know. But, most of the clothes were horrible. I can look at the sale racks at Target and get better clothes for maybe a few dollars compaired to the ratty clothes I saw at the garage sale. I did try to help my friend find her little girl some things too. I couldn't believe all the 80ish looking dresses that were there! Maybe I'm just too picky? LOL! I like my kids to look nice even if they are wearing Walmart clothes (which, they do a lot). Actually, I just picked up their Christmas sweaters this week at Walmart. I'm going to have to watch Anakin though...we stuffed him into the biggest size (5T) so he could match his brothers. He actually wants to match them. I'm afraid he might have to wear something else come December...but, we will run to Sears and get their pictures taken before he grows out of it! Good thing I've got 2 other kids that can take turns wearing it so it will be worth the $9 I paid for it! LOL! Do I sound cheap? :P


I know I'm like 20,000 years late on this craze. LOL! I wanted to watch the first season and things just got to crazy and I never got to. Well, David and rented the first DVD to the 1st season and we were hooked. I was instructed (by David) to go get the whole 1st season on DVD as soon as we were done watching the one we rented. It was cheaper just to go buy it. :) If it's anything like we were when we started watching Smallville (we watched 3 seasons in a few months so we could get caught up to watch the 4th when it started! LOL!!!!) ...no we won't be ready to start watching the first show of the season on Wednesday!


That's another one we just started watching! We rented it the same time as we did Lost. I'm sure we'll be buying those DVDs too.


it's time to go watch Lost. At least I blogged, right? ;)


Carrie said...

Nice to see you back!! Can't wait to find out what the toot is, any hints!?? Gotta run but wanted to say hi.
Oh, that brown color is great. Its the same (at least it looks the same) as what Glen painted the computer room, since it's his "manly" room with his fire dept and Boy Scout stuff.

Maby said...

Where you been????? Glad to see you back. hope the sickness gets out of the house soon. Lovely painting pictures!! I really like that brown color.

TV shows ~ have you NOT seen Prison Break???? OMG you just have to. Mondays @ 8pm on Fox.

Lindsey said...

Yea!! I'm glad to see an update from you!! I've been missing my Fox Family Fix!! LOL!

I can't wait to see the after pics of your living room. Oh, and when you started talking about toots I actually thought you were going to pass gas!! LMBO!! I couldn't figure out why you were posting about that!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I miss you! Oh I saw some Fox stuff at Gymboree or The Children's Place, I can't remember which, but it was really cute and I thought of you!


Julie (mrs2a50) said...

Waahhh! I want a colored wall in my house! Your floors look great, the wall color is awesome, its going to look SO good and you'll never remember what a pain it was! LOL!

Kellie said...

Oooh, nice paint Keela! And I know you are busy but...you're tagged - http://marmys.typepad.com/it_seemed_extraneous_at_t/2006/10/tagged.html If ya hate tags, just ignore it!