[Here it is...the biggest TOOT ever!]

Jen Wilson asked me to be on her Creative Team!!!

For Lindsey (or anyone else that isn't a digi scrapper - LOL!) she's one of the most talented digi designers that I know. www.jenwilsondesigns.com She has a paper line too... :)

So, this is how it happened. Jen had a little contest asking for unique 'nostalgia' element ideas. I immediately started thinking...and the things that popped into my head first were: - carnival glass (for the color and textures), - old drawer pulls, - old radio dials (for dates) and I think there were a few others...I can't remember now! So, I started looking online for examples. I got eBay searches in the results so I started searching there. I found some great examples and I also found amazingly cool "employee badges" from...the 40's, I think. Of course, the one I really liked expired and the seller took the picture down before Jen saw it...I'm still searching for another one like that. (Yes, emailed the seller and did NOT hear back from him...errrrrr.) So, Jen emailed me and basically said she loved my ideas and a few emails later I got an email about filling out a something...I was confused and read on... I about fell off my chair. I sat there in disbelief because although I teased her about needing me on her team (hee heeee) I never EXPECTED that it would ever happen. But, it did.

Picture me doing the happy dance! :) Okay, maybe not.

[New Layouts]

Seriously, I don't get blogger and it's issues with loading pictures! It won't let me load them. You can see my new layouts at DST: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=138 Make sure and check out the one of Tristin called "Clark Kent"...he's too cute.

[Tristin's 4 Year old Well Check-up]

Tristin went to the doctor this week. He's only 30 lbs and short (can't remember but it's below the 10th percentile. His weight is the 2nd percentile. He's TINY...if he stays on this growth curve or whatever it's called, he'll be 5' 5". Which, isn't surprising since David is only 5' 7". I just feel bad for Tristin. I never thought in a million years that my kids would be so small. I'm huge! I'm 5' 10" and (I hate it when people say it, but it's true) I am "big boned". I've come to realize that there are a lot of tall women out there...I've ran into a lot lately, not sure why...that are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo skinny. I mean, almost to the point where it looks wrong. I've never been like that! So, I'm just worried about him. Everything else checked out great and he got 2 shots. Poor guy, it's been a year since he's had one and man, he was NOT happy about having to have one!

Funny story...on Tristin's birthday I was telling him about the day he was born (I honestly can't remember if I shared this already so read on and humor me). He asked where he came out...first he asked if he came out my mouth. LOL! I told him no and quickly said, "you came out my pee pee". Yes, we call penis' pee pee's so I just decided to call mine that. Come on! I have 3 boys! So, the doctor asked something...and Tristin started talking. He likes to talk and rambles BIG TIME...changing from one subject to another and goes into long made up stories. Right now he likes to talk about trying to find Jerry, I think from "Tom & Jerry". Anyway, he started talking about being in my tummy and how he was scared. LOL! Then, he paused and said, "but, I came out my Mommy's pee pee and I was happy". OHHHH MYYYYYYYY GOSH. I think I turned beet red and the doctor cracked up! I'm sure he had to have told someone when he left that room! LOL!

With that, I say have a great weekend! I'm doing the touch up painting in the living room (we procrastinated yesterday because David had a temp and we had a date - we took the kids to the sitter and sat at home and watched Lost!)...dishes and laundry today. Fun fun! Hopefully, I'll have living room pictures tonight. :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Keela! I'm so happy for you!
How funny was Tristin's story LOL! hopefully we can chat this week. We've been busy too.

Carrie said...

You go girl!! That's great!! You are a totally awesome scrapper and it is no wonder she wanted you. When we meet up (hint, hint) I'll feel like I'm meeting up with one of "the big names." I am terrible at leaving comments but I am always so awed by your layouts.
OK - enough. You'll think I'm a stalker and never meet up with me!!