I am an emotional person. With all this hormonal stuff going with me...it's not good because it's like 200 times worse! I was blog hopping tonight and ran into Andrea Burn's blog. Here: http://embellishbyandrea.blogspot.com/ She's pregnant with boy #2. Just reading about the comments people have said to her...wow, it just brought a rush of memories back to me. Not good ones. While I was pregnant with Tristin, my 2nd boy, it was ok. I handled the comments okay. I still had a little hope that #3 would be a girl, right? While pregnant with Paxtin, my 3rd, it was hell. People were so mean. The comments were awful, even from friends. I don't even want to repeat them. How in the world can people make such rude comments and worse yet, IGNORE the fact that I am pregnant. It was like my pregnancy didn't matter. I'm not being selfish or bitter or making it up! Even my hubby noticed it. Anyway, I think about this often when I am looking at Paxtin...I could have missed THIS.

Him. He's such a joy. He's been the easiest baby. He's almost always content. He's super smart (of course...lol) and is just...gosh, he's just adorable. I cannot in a million years imagine my life without him. It's hard having a 6 and 4 year old. I hold Paxtin and just enjoy his little self. Him poking my nose repeatedly and saying "nose" "nose" "nose". Hearing him call David "Honey" because that's what I call him. Ugh, I could go on and on. I'm not sure why I'm blogging this. I guess I just needed to "talk" about it and David is sleeping. lol! Okay, so...emotional...yes. AND I can't stop eating sugar. Not good for the "change of life" diet!
I'm back at in on Monday. I'm giving myself one more day of whatever and then I have to do it...
[On a lighter note...]
I love it when I read blogs and they tell what they have bought. I don't know why, maybe because it's just a window into their life? Well, I love to shop but I don't do a lot of it for myself...unless you're counting digi products! Case in point...I haven't bought a purse in probably 7 years or more! Well, this week Paxtin and I went to Meijer and I looked. I've been looking everywhere and just haven't liked the styles. Too many tossles and eyelet things. Save those for scrapbooking people! But, I found this (sorry, that's the biggest pic I could find) purse. The one I bought is red but not bright. I don't use the long strap either. It's so not me. I've been carrying a diaper bag for almost 7 years! When I saw this, I knew it was done. I can throw a diaper in here and a few wipes...and Paxtin's passy and forget everything else! LOL! Anyway, it has a paisley print on it and that's so not me either...but I LOVE it.

Two things David bought this weekend that totally suprised me. I don't have pictures so you'll have to go off of my description! LOL! We took the boys to Tanners Saturday to buy apples and some apple donuts (see, I told you!!!!!!). http://www.tannersorchard.com/ I found an old lantern type thing that you put a candle in...and he bought it for me! We don't buy things like that a lot. ;) Then, he was looking around (not normal either) and he found a clock thing...okay, I'll take pictures because I don't know how to describe them! But, anyway, he piled that in our cart too. It was fun to have HIM pick something out and actually want to buy it. I get so sick of having to ASK him. He says I shouldn't feel that way but I do! I don't bring in money...and I like to shop so I have to hold back! K, I'll get pictures and update this tomorrow...

I'm so procrastinating! I should be working on my hard drive...I'm almost done sorting through everything and rearranging and copying the things I want to keep available at all times. Tomorrow comes the BURNING! Then, the backup to my external hard drive....and then I can scrap! I've got tons of new kits and elements to download from my Creative Teams! I'm so behind! :(


Julie (mrs2a50) said...

Oh, screw all those rude people! I get so frustrated when people try to shove their opinions into my life. What if you WANTED three boys? Why does everyone assume everyone wants a boy and a girl? What IS it with people? And why am I getting all mad about this?!? LOL! You cherish your sweet third little boy, and enjoy him :)

And that purse is AWESOME! But I want it in brown! LOL! I need another purse like I need a hole in my head!

Carrie said...

I'm not even sure what to say about the rude comments!!! I can't believe people sometimes. I don't understand why some people think they have the right to assume things about anyone else's life in the first place. I'm sorry you went through anthing that left a mark on your soul. That is so sad. On a lighter note, I'm really looking forward to seeing more pages by you!! You rock.

Maby said...

I don't get it either. When I had JOrdan I got comments of if I wanted a girl...and like "sad" he was a boy.. wth? I actually thought 2 boys was PERFECT. They're 2 years apart and I think it's much cooler that they are both boys :)