[Digging out]

I just realized that my inbox has 730 emails...130 some UNREAD. What in the world? No wonder I forget to respond to emails. I'm sorry friends!!! I'm digging out right now.


Everyone has colds. Coughing snot up (sorry)...allergies, asthma (Tristin)...I hate this! No one is on allergy medication YET. We usually end up having to by now, but I'm putting it off. I hate drugging the boys (Anakin & Tristin).

[Doctor Appointment]

I'm going to a new OB/GYN today. Get ready for TMI! I am on DepoProvera...I get a shot every 3 months. I'm on month 2 and I'm spotting. I shouldn't be! So, off to the GYN. I am nervous.

ETA* - My appointment went well. Dr. Galvan was really nice. I guess I'm just going to stay with him...because, get this...he had to EXAM me. I wasn't expecting it and there is nothing like having to spread your legs for a guy you don't know...LMBO!!!!!!!! Anyway, he things my bleeding is just from the Depo shot. I'm due for a shot in a month...and he gave me some info on another form on bc. It's the one that lasts for 5 years. I didn't realize I could do that one because of my blood pressure, etc. But, he reassured me that I can do it. I read a brochure and I'm going to do it. It's the same medication as the Depo, it's just not as much and for a longer period of time.

My new friend, Kristine, watched the boys for me while I went to the doctor. She had already planned on having them for an hour anyway. It worked out perfectly! We originally had planned to swap sitting every week. We both wanted to volunteer in our boys' classrooms. Jake, her oldest, is in 1st grade and was in Anakin's kindergarten class. He's in a different class this year. Anyway, I talked to Anakin's teacher and she informed me that she doesn't need Mom helpers for the day to day activities. (In kindergarten and 1st grade they do "centers" where they work on things and then move to the next "center" and work on something else.) She only needs helpers for the bigger activities. Well, okay, made me feel like an idiot for asking. She's young...seems a little TOO confident. I know, that's not bad, but when you make me sit in my 1st graders chair and you stand up in front of me and bark your info...makes me feel little and worthless! I wonder how the kids feel!?!??! So, I asked Anakin! I asked him if he still liked her. He said, no, she's bossy. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! We talked a little more and he admitted that he likes her, he just doesn't like how she talks to everyone. I totally know what he means! I didn't let him know that though.

Okay, I'm about aready to fall asleep! Later!

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Anonymous said...

Ok I've been waiting patiently for a reply to my email. You know the one that you sent to me and took me about 3 weeks to reply to ;). We have been sick around here too. Pink eye for Connor and Emma and an Ear infection for Connor. I've just had a horrible sore throat UGH I'm ready to be healthy again. Hope to talk to you soon. Tia