[I missed my blogger anniversary!]

October 17, 2005 - I started this blog! I can't believe it's been over a year already!

[I'm sooooo proud of Anakin!]

We received Anakin's 1st report card today. All E's (exceeds expected) and a 100% in spelling. The teacher even commented that he is a great reader. :) I'm soooooo proud of him...almost makes me want to cry! LOL! We have his first conference tomorrow. It's a "student led" conference so Anakin will be showing us what he's been working on, etc.

Also, last Saturday Anakin had his first JBQ (Junior Bible League) Meet. Basically, the kids are givin questions and they have to learn them and the answers word for word. Then, they use buzzers to buzz in and answer the questions. The goal is to know the QUESTION within the first few words...sometimes the first 2 words! Can you imagine? Well, get this...Anakin blew us and most of the competition away! David and I were completely shocked. Not that he's not smart and doesn't know his stuff...we just weren't sure how he'd deal with the competition. So, they had 6 rounds. Out of those 6, Anakin "quizzed out" on 5. That means that he answered the maximum number of questions allowed - five. Because of this he gets 10 extra points. :) Okay, back up... round 1, 2, 3, 4...they went great. Round 5 he had a breakdown. He was starting to get tired and restless. The competition was buzzing in before him (even if they got the question wrong...that made it worse for Anakin because he knew it) well, his team mates also dominated this round. It was kind of funny because they were pretty quiet the other rounds! So, Anakin started to get upset and then it happened...he got a question wrong. There are two questions that are almost the same and he didn't get enough of the question to know which one it was. :( Anyway, round 6 came and thank God we had a few minutes to talk to him, reassure him and let him take a breather. He was a little off in this round too but only because the other team was quick and good! BUT, my boy did it! He quizzed out again! He ended up in Second place overall (individual) and their team came in 3rd for their division. Not bad for their first meet ever! So, here's a layout I did yesterday. I'm suppose to be cleaning my hard drive...burning DVDs and getting stuff off of here! I'm doing it...I just needed a break! (Of course my photo isn't showing up, so you can check it out here):


[Get ready for TMI!]

TOO MUCH INFORMATION...I've been having some bleeding issues the past few weeks. Last week I saw a new OB/GYN...he basically told me to call the office if it got worse. Well, on Monday, it did. I was bleeding very heavily and had HUGE clots. Worse than after having the boys! They started me on some estrogen which is helping to slow it down. I asked the doctor today (when I went back to see him) how that works. He basically said that the lining of the uterus "evens out" with estrogen. Anyway, why am I worried about all this? Well, I'm in the middle of a 3 month cycle of the depo provera shot! I'm not suppose to be bleeding AT ALL. I knew spotting was one of the side effects...I didn't realize GUSHING blood was. (Sorry) So, they talked about doing a D&C to clean things out. We're holding off on that to see how things go on my own. Next month, I'm switching birth control. I'm trying the Nuva Ring...anyone tried it? LOL! It's that or an IUD and I don't want to do that...unless David gets snipped and then there's no chance for fertilization. Ugh...I feel so odd about all of this. This isn't suppose to be happening! I already have PCOS...I have to deal with that crap every day. The hair loss/growth, the moods, the medication, the depression, the weight gain...now this. UGH!!!!

Okay, I'm off to bed! If you made it through this entry...you earn a star. ;)


Shawna Clingerman said...

Star for me! :) I love your blog and I'm glad it's been around for a year!
I understand how frusterating hormonal/cycle issues can be, it is very unsettling to not have your "woman stuff" working as it should! Big hugs Keela!

Carrie said...

I hope everything improves for you. I have zero experience with anything but the regular plain 'ole pill. I can't imagine how scary and frustrating this must be for you. If men went through monthly cycles you KNOW there would be much better "stuff" out there to deal with it! BT I digress... congrats to Anakin. Great layout. Love the design. Nice to see you back, and Happy Belated Blog Anniversary.

Julie (mrs2a50) said...

Aww, WTG Anakin!! Sorry you're having so ma ny problems - that totally sucks! Hopefully they'll get you regulated without the D&C!

Sandy said...

I hate to do this to your Keela, but you are one of the very few blogs I visit and I've been tagged so, tag your it.

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