Bless This Chick

You have GOT to see my new avatar, it's the cutest thing!

They forgot to put my glasses on me, but they will do it soon (the artist is on the road for the next 10 days). You've got to check them out... www.blessthischick.com. I just gave them a few details like, long curly brown hair with bangs, glasses and my favorite color is sage. Okay, I don't wear blue eyeshadow or a dress that says FOX on it, but awww...she's adorable! ;) I should probably explain that I'm not a snob or think I'm "all that". My last name is Fox and if you'll notice my blog address...yep, it's that. I also use it for my favorite IMer.

Okay, I really am going to bed now!


Carrie said...

Very cute. I actually just figured out that Fox is your last name about a week ago. I think I saw it on a creative team roster or something, and it clicked. "OH! It's her last name!" Duh. I thought it was just a cute nickname.

Kellie said...

hehehe, I love the avatar Keela! The blue eyeshadow rocks! And I hadn't even thought that people might think you were big noting yourself with the 'Fox' (knowing that was your name), lmao!! But you ARE a fox anyway - so either way they read it, it's all good! Can't wait to see the glasses!