An Update

It's been a little longer than I thought it'd be to leave an update. ugh!

Since we got home from Chicago...Paxtin has been sick. We think it's the Rotovirus. We haven't taken him to the doctor because we know there's nothing they can do...we're just waiting it out. He's acting a little more normal this morning. Thank God. I think he had 17 poopy diapers yesterday...and a lot of them he soaked through his pants, shorts, pj bottoms...anything we could find to put on him! LOL!!!! I have to say, it's nice not to have to tell Paxtin to get down every 5 minutes! I tell you, this child just wants to CLIMB!

Anakin... I took him to get a good pair of tennis shoes last night. I took him to Stride Rite because his feet are soooo flat and I figured that he needs a good supporting shoe. I found out he has two different sized feet! 11 1/2 and 12! (He was wearing a 12 1/2 in 'cheap shoes'.) He went off to school today looking adorable. ;)

And then there's Tristin. We're working on the potty training issue. He can do it. He's just lazy about it. I have been too. So, we're working on that together. We found something to help motivate him...he gets ice cream for his bedtime snack IF he stays dry all day. Yesterday, he had one wet pull up...but, he stayed dry during his nap, which is a miracle. But, no ice cream. Today, he woke up dry! Another miracle...so, our day is starting off well. :) I think he's missing playing with Paxtin...he's all in his face this morning. UGH!

Me...I've just been taking care of the boys, trying to fix more meals at home, working on my creative team assignments a little here and there AND working on Digital Freebies stuff. I think they are now calling me the "Product Manager"...LOL! It's starting to get warmer here and I'm looking forward to getting outside with the boys more. Oh and garage sale stuff...working on that too. Shooting for having one in May. I think that's when they start getting hot here. :)

I'll have some layouts later today (hopefully).


Carrie said...

I hope your little guy feels better soon. I hate that helpless feeling when there's nothing you can do but wait it out. It always feels like an eternity!

Kellie said...

(((hugs))) keela! Sounds full-on for you at the moment! Hope your wee man picks up soon.

KimC said...

OH! Rotovirus is the worst!!!! My son had that when he was two, and it was BAD! I hope he starts feeling better soon!!!