I got myself a baldy!

Yes, that's right, David shaved his head! He's been thinking about doing it for a long time and this week, it was time. His hair had gotten really long (for him) and we shaved it really short...and then he decided to go bald.

I love it. This is his before and after picture. The before picture was taken in January (his hair was MUCH longer than that). ;)

I just got home from taking the boys to the Children's Museum here in town, out for lunch at McD's and then to Walmart...I'm exhausted and all 3 are taking naps! WhooooHOOOOO! But, where am I? On my computer....and why? Because I got my CD from Kim today!!!! Remember that contest I won? www.creativesnaps.com I'm so excited...and my CK magazine came today too. It's a bonus mail day for me!


Kellie said...

Wow! He looks totally hot with no hair!! (am i allowed to say that?? LOL). he'll have to borrow your 'Fox' t-shirt, teehee! Wasn't the chat great? Have found all the links and had a spend - so many yummy goodies in Dani's shop. Still have my GC to play with - see, I was rewarded for my blog loyalty, lol! Have fun with your CD and CK (making jealous face here ;)) and Happy Easter to you all.

Carrie Stephens said...

I think he also looks great with no hair!!! a handsome hubby you have there!! :)