Happy Easter!
It is a beautiful day here in our little part of the world, so we decided to do our egg hunt a day early! The boys found tons of eggs and had a blast...and I even got a picture of the three of them...together, with their baskets and they are all looking up! YIPPEEEEE!!! Now, if I can just get a good picture tomorrow with them in their church clothes. :)

We also went to our church's "2006 lbs of Candy Give-a-way". Basically, they wanted to get 2006 lbs of candy to give away...they had games and a bunch of those bouncey fun houses for the kids. They gave away a bike, CD player, a few Easter baskets and a few other things...oh, and a video IPOD. Nope, we didn't win it. LOL! The boys actually only got a handful each of candy and a few trinkets. We were happy about that. Every year they get TOO much candy. The church does this just to 'show the community that we love them'.

This morning the boys and I also made our "Resurrection Buns". This was our 2nd year to make them. Basically, it's a biscuit, some butter and cinnamon sugar and a marshmallow. The biscuit is the tomb, butter and sugar are what they used to anoint Jesus at burial and the marshmallow...well, that's Jesus. LOL! You wrap the marshmallow with the biscuit and bake it and put it in the fridge overnight. (You're suppose to do this the night before Easter Sunday, but we decided to go ahead and do it all in one day.) When you bite into the biscuit...well, Jesus (the marshmallow...stay with me here) isn't there. He isn't in the tomb...he is ALIVE. Just a simple way of explaining to the kids what Easter is REALLY about. It's not the eggs, the Easter bunny, the candy, the baskets filled with stuff. They get it. As much as kids can.

Tomorrow is a big day. Not only because we're celebrating Jesus being alive...David is playing drums at our Easter church service and I'm helping Anakin's class out. David has to be there at 8am, me at 8:30am...the service doesn't start until 10am and I'm sure won't be done before 1pm. So, it'll be a long morning for us! We still haven't colored eggs...I think we'll save that for tomorrow afternoon. I know, we're late, but we don't do anything with the eggs besides look at them and then cut them up for egg salad sandwiches. ;)

By the way...I got a few awesome pictures of the boys. I'm going to save them for a contest I just learned about. I entered. Check out www.digiscrappin.biz for more info! (Kellie, are you going to enter? Hint Hint!)

More tomorrow...


Kellie said...

Hiya chick! hey, you said you didn't get any good easter pics and that one is darling!! Yeah, i have succumbed to entering the contest at DSB, but only for the freebie kit and a chance to win that wacom tablet I can see in amongst the prizes, lol! Competitions like this give me the heebie jeebies - I am hard enough on myself as it is without offering my creative outlet up for judgement, lol. You will do an awesome job (especially with those 'special' photos up your sleeve!). Hope everything went great at Church today - sounds like you had an awesome day planned :)

Carrie Stephens said...

ooh the bun idea sounds like a great one to get the understanding across! I hope that you had a wonderful day!!! sounds like it was a busy one :) What a CUTE photo of the boys!!!!

KimC said...

Man, I tried ALL WEEKEND to get a pic of my TWO kids looking at the camera...this is so cute! And I'm SO HAPPY you received your CD!

I'm looking at your scrolling layouts in your sidebar...wow, Keela, you are so talented!

candylouu said...

I love the idea of the buns!! Fabulous. I need to write that down to remember for next year. Glad that you had a fun Easter and those boys are sooooo adorable!!!!!!