[Come Scraplift ME!]

I'm the one they are lifting at www.scrapartist.com this week. This site is one of my very favorites! (I'm not just saying that!) Check out this thread and join in the fun!


[It has hit boy #1]

It started with boy #3, moved to #2 (and he still has it) and now is has #1. What is it? A fever! No clue why...it lasted a few days with Paxtin, this is Tristin's 2nd day and Anakin's 1st. UGH!!!!

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Kellie said...

Arrgghhh! Bummer on the fever Keela - occupational hazard of having three little darlins' I gues, lol. Hope they perk up soon. And i cannot wait to lift you!! I was so stoked to see they had chosen you this week! I have a ton of your stuff in my faves, so tonight I have to narrow it down. Lovin' your US layouts too - AWESOME!!