Okay, I've been told that something is too wide and that's why the right side of my blog gets pushed down...ugh! I don't know HTML...I don't know how to fix it. It comes and goes. Can anyone help me?

[New Site - EBB Creations!]

It's new to me. It's new to Digital Scrapbooking. Two of my best IRL (in real life) buddies are hanging there...so, I'm now there. They are looking for digital designers to sell there....check them out:
www.ebbcreations.com. They've got some cool free fonts too (but I tried to download them and it didn't work...I'll pm Enrique about that tomorrow).

[Sunday Night, UDS and My 1 Year Digi Anniversary]

It's "the day" I find out if I'm one more step closer to being the Ultimate Digi Scrapper. You know, Friday was my 1 year digi Anniversary...and when I think about going from my first layout to the 4th round in the contest in one year. Darn, I'm proud! Who cares (well, I will slightly) if I don't make it to the next round! I know I have a lot to learn and my style is evolving everyday...I'm so blessed to have been embraced by the digi community as I have...my Creative Teams, the designers are amazing. :) I could go on and on. Oh man, I'm tired and can't think...night!


Carrie said...

The banner depends on the screen resolution it's viewed on, I think. On my Mac it gets cut off on the right and I have to scroll, but the body is fine, no scrolling needed. On my laptop, the whole thing fits with extra room to spare. I have never noticed anything being pushed down, so I don't know...
I'll have to check out ebbcreations.

Anonymous said...

So Keela, did you make it to the next round??? I've been checking daily to find out!!