[It has hit David now!]

He's got the fever...had to stay home from work today. Anakin still had it last night when he went to bed, so he stayed home from school again today. But, he woke up without a fever and it never came back. Thank God! He'll go back to school tomorrow. Now I'm the only one that has NOT had it. That's usually the way it goes. Hopefully, it'll miss me this time too!

[Round 2's Layout]

You can see it here: http://www.digiscrappin.biz/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=6221&cat=500&ppuser=1460. I am very proud of this layout. I think it's my favorite ever...I can't believe I'm saying that because it has ME in it! LOL! Even if I don't make it to the next round, I'm good with it. I did my best. (Carrie, you were right!)


Carrie said...

I'm so sorry your family has been so sick! I hope it ends soon.
I LOVE the picture on your entry! The whole layout is great, but the photo is fantastic! As I wrote there, you'll have to tell me what it feels like to go to round 3!

Kellie said...

You rocked it with your layout Keela, it was FABULOUS!! I smell round three for you girl!!

Amanda said...

This LO of you is stunning. I cannot believe Tristin took this picture...WOW!!!! Love the flower, the text down the middle and the journaling. You look great Keela.