[Round 4!!!!!]

Can this really be? I made it to Round 4!!! :) This week's challenge is "Free Style". If you're a scrapper and know about Autumn Leaves' Free Style book...it's like that. Just being yourself and not following any rules. Now, I thought (as many others do too) it was all about doodling and collage and it's not. Check out their blog: http://www.autumnleaves.com/freestyle/ .

So, my layout this week... http://www.digiscrappin.biz/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=6781&cat=500&ppuser=1460 I don't feel confident this week. We're going from 40 to 7! Now, if I do make it, I'll fall over in shock...if I don't, I'm still so proud of myself and the layouts I've created. I do, however, feel more confident about my style...even if I do like to switch styles a lot! I get so much inspiration from my digi friends. More on them another time. I need some time to share something about my boys!

[My Broken Heart]

Anakin and I had a little tift last night. It was all about American Idol and I made a comment about how I was happy Taylor won. OH MY GOSH...the child had a fit. He was holding a paper airplane that he had made and was sitting only 3 feet away from me. He threw the airplane and it hit me in the lips. IT HURT!!!! I yelled at him. Yes, I shouldn't have yelled, but I was ticked. The child is six years old and knows better! Now, after the fact, he said he didn't know it'd go my direction, he just meant to throw it straight. Okay, whatever. What happened next didn't have anything to do with the airplane mishap! He did a little "time out" and then we talked. At the end of the convo I asked him for a hug. He said NO. Oh, man...he was so snotty when he said it and we had JUST finished talking about stuff. So, I left him in his room...it was bed time anyway. I just had to go breath. You know what I mean? So, I went back and we talked about respect and blah blah blah again. So, I thought he understood and so I asked again...I REALLY should know better. He's not a touch feely boy and hugs are hard to come by. But, he's my boy, my first born and I love him so much. He told me no again and I lost it. I'm an emotional person. I was tired and I just cried (in the privacy of my bedroom). Now, Tristin (who is 3 1/2) heard the second NO. He told his Daddy, "I want to get Mommy a new heart because Anakin broke hers." Where oh where does he get this? I should have asked Tristin for the hug. He's my hugger. Now...fast forward to tonight. I was tucking the boys in and I sat on the end of Anakin's bed waiting for David to come in so we could pray with the boys. Anakin...very shyly said, "Mommy, can I give you a hug?" I was shocked. I said, "Of course you can." There's my sweet boy! He really is there!


Okay, I've got to add this "Paxtin funny". Last night I was in the kitchen with the gate up because the little 16 month old MONKEY likes to climb our counter high chairs! UGH! So, he came over and handed me a wet diaper over the gate. I said thank you and went back to cleaning. I didn't really think twice about it because we've been throwing the diapers in the hallway to throw outside and yes, there are times I forget to grab them. Long story short...Paxtin has a thing with wet diapers! He kept getting into the diaper pale! YUCK! So, I just thought he got it from the hallway. About 5 minutes later...he comes up to the gate again. He said, "Mommmmmmy"...I come over and he looks down and says, "Poopies". Yes, he says it. LOL! I looked at the floor and it didn't hit me right away. 2 seconds later...I picked him up and low and behold...he didn't have a diaper on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was cracking up. He had a short outfit/onesie on and had taken his diaper off and you couldn't tell because the snaps where still snapped between his legs! He peed on the floor and then told me by saying "Poopies"! Do you think we should start potty training him? LOL!!! He's so cute. He ate pudding tonight and I took some pictures...I'll have to share those later. I've got to get to bed. Later!


Carrie said...

First - I'm not surprised at all that you made it to round 4. You are an awesome scrapper.
Second - I am right there with you with the respect (or lack thereof) from a 6 year old. Ethan, also 6, has been giving me similar grief lately. I made the mistake of losing it and crying in front of him - but I think that made him realize how much he does effect me and he has been better since then.
Too funny about the diaper fiasco.

Anonymous said...

OH man that story just broke my heart. Emma gets like that sometimes at only 3 what is she going to be like later. Tristin is such a sweetie. I love your layout for round 4 and that story reminded me of the hearts. Connor also is acting like he wants to potty train. In fact he sits on the potty after Emma everytime. I just haven't tried without the diaper yet.