2nd Day of School

Well, Tristin's 2nd Day of school went a little better than the first. He still ended up in the "Yellow" box (Green is good, Yellow when they have done something and Red when they've been really bad.) and still did the opposite of what was asked of him, but at least it was 'better'. I've driven myself nuts the past few days...almost to the point of making myself sick. Worrying. Thinking. Wondering. Worrying some more. Ugh! Anyway...

Here is a photo from the first day of school. We always take pictures with the neighbor kids on the first day. This one was too cute, I just had to scrap it. I was so happy to see the colors of this kit...perfect. I'm sure Paige will be happy with the pink! ;)

You can see the credits here: http://www.sweetshoppedesigns.com/inspiration/showphoto.php?photo=54517&ppuser=289

Tonight wasn't a good eating night. I was hungry for pizza and the boys have been begging to get Pizza Hut. We never get it because David doesn't like it. So, he gave in and we just ordered the cheese sticks. Oh man, they tasted so good. I know I ate too much and didn't have one ounce of veggies (oh, well, I guess you could almost cound the marinara sauce, but I'm sure it was full of sugar...LOL!) We ate at 6ish and it's now almost 1am and I'm just now feeling a little twinge that I'm hungry. I pulled out a few soy nuts. :) Like that's going to soak up the fat I just consumed. LOL! Oh well, one of the famous quotes from my buddy, my therapist, is "sometimes you've just got to go nuts". I'll talk to him next week when I see him. ;)

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Amanda said...

I love the page!!! I know exactly how crazy your driving yourself. LOL...I felt the same way the first week or two last year when Hayley went to Kindergarten. It will get better for Tristin AND you!! :-)