4am Wake Up Call

I'm so not a morning person. I stay up late at night and sleep in as much as the kids will let me. ;) I think this is changing. There's one other thing I don't think I mentioned about Tristin. The day before his first day of school (the 1/2 hour day), he woke up soaked. He had peed in his bed. He hasn't had an accident in at least a year or more. Well, tonight, it happened again. I'm thinking it's because he stopped taking naps before school started and he's just that much more tired that he's having a hard time waking himself up. Does that sound right? Or maybe it is just all the changes of starting school? Seriously though, I couldn't go back to sleep last week when this happened and now... it's a little after 4:30am and I'm still awake. I finally decided to just get on my computer and hopefully, I'll get sleepy again.

Another thing...Saturday night before I hit bed, my eyes started itching REALLY bad. I itched them...and then looked in my mirror. OMG...it was BAD. Totally red, swollen...it looked like someone had beat me up! I went to bed without eye drops (I only found some expired ones) and woke up Sunday morning with horribly puffy and swollen eyes. I also had some crusties, not like Pink Eye crusties, just normal crusties, but more of them. I did end up finding some eye drops that weren't expired and those helped a ton. I could still see that the inside of my eye was swollen though - like the tissue between the eyeball and my face (not sure what that's really called). When I got up with Tristin, I could tell my eyes weren't normal. They aren't as bad as the other night, but still swollen! My guess here is seasonal allergies. It always seems to get worse around school time. It's time to break out the Clariton or maybe I'll just use Zyrtec, since that's what the boys use. (Anakin and Tristin have allergies)

Hmmm...what else. Oh, Anakin and Tristin got their Pokemon cards taken away Sunday morning. David gets so annoyed with the boys...they argue about what card is whose and which card has more "power" and blah blah blah blah blah. Well, I stayed home from church, mainly because of my eyes...and the hunt for Pokemon cards made me decide to clean out the boys' room. They've been sharing a room since the beginning of summer. We've got 2 twin beds, a toddler bed, a big dresser, bookshelf and a small desk in there. There's a bit of space in the middle of all that and it's always full of junk! Stuffed animals, books, toys, papers... The boys don't pick up after themselves as well as they should. I guess you could say that's my fault. ;) So, I gutted their room. Took out all the toys, garbage, put the books on their shelves (now if Paxtin would just get over having to pull them all out to look at 1 or 2), cleaned out under their beds and swept the floor. Wow, what a difference! So, my goal on Monday is to work on the "playroom" aka the "baby room". Get all the toys downstairs...and move Anakin in there. Hopefully, that will result in having him be more responsible for HIS room. Having Paxtin and Tristin be more responsible for their messes. We're also going to try to get back to the rule of "no toys upstairs". Now, I say that lightly because I'm not going to freak out if something is brought upstairs. BUT...I'm so sick of the dog chewing Legos, stuffed animals and paper. It's a game to him! Every morning, he goes and gets something he's not suppose to have and then lets the boys chase him around the circle in our living room/kitchen (it's connected and they can go in a circle through them. He does this so he can get a treat out of it. Again, blame me. It has just been easier to have the boys get him a treat, he drops whatever he has and then it's over. Bad habit...we're trying to break it. I think having less toys upstairs will help. Also, rule #2, the dog won't be in the basement. That way, the boys can go down there and play and not have to worry about the dog getting something and running. LOL!!!! That sounds so funny. Anyway, I'm thinking maybe this will make me feel like I have my house back?!? It won't be so overrun with toys that I don't feel like I can open my front door and let a friend in. There have been so many times this summer where I've run to the front yard to greet friends that are dropping Anakin off...or just stopping by...just so they don't step into my front door. How sad is that? The first thing you walk into is the living room...there's no foyer, no entry way. It's just BAM...couches, TV, etc. This is our main living area. Where the boys play, I scrap, we watch TV...play games, eat pizza on Friday nights and have movie nights. We have an area in the basement to watch TV, but it's just not the same. To make things worse, since our kitchen is connected, you can see our kitchen table when you first walk in. That's just wrong in my opinion. I wasn't blessed with the OCD of having to pick up and clean all the time. Sometimes I wish I were!

Okay, it's almost 5am and my eyes are, once again, very heavy. I think I rambled on enough! Have a great day!

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Hammari said...


I hope you got back to sleep well! Just wanted to let you know you inspired me, and now I am purging and cleaning my house from top to bottom:) My layout is the same as yours, entryway comes into the most utilized room in our house - the living room, and there is nothing to hide the mess in my kitchen.
I too would love to have the OCD of cleaning!