"I'm going to shoot it out!"

Oh...everyone should have a few boys in their lives. I tell you what...if there's one reason God blessed me with three...it's because he knew that I could handle the burping, farting and the potty talk. It actually cracks me up. Maybe it's because I lived with Amy for so long. (She doesn't read my blog, but you know I'm for sure going to link her up now!) I think she just may have more hot hair than me and that's saying a lot! :)

Okay, so Paxtin was playing outside this morning. Since he's the only one home during the day now, I decided I'd better go check on him and see what he was doing. I walked up to the door and saw his bare butt once again. He has a thing for peeing outside. He's even been known to poop outside (I think he's done it twice over the summer.) So, I asked him to come up to the house and he did. I said, "What are you doing?" He said, "I'm pooping!!!" Me..."Oh, no you're not!" Paxtin laughed and went to the bathroom to sit... I followed him and asked him, "How in the world did you think you were going to poop out there in the middle of the yard?" He said, "I was going to SHOOT it out Mommy!" I really think he thought he was going to shoot it out far away from him...not realizing that it wouldn't go far and probably end up with it in his pants that were down around his ankles. LOL!!! Oh, that child! He does crack me up! I'm pretty sure he's been studying how Shadow poops and he thinks he should be able to do it too!


Karlise said...

Oh my! How funny!!

Tania said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Keela, that is hysterical! Oh that is one boy you have there! Poop cracks us up at our house too, hehe!!

I believe this may be my first comment on here, but I couldn't have picked a better one to comment on.