Day 3 - It's a GREEN DAY!!!!

Tristin stayed in the GREEN today! YIPPPPPEEEE!!!! I knew he could do it and I'm so proud of him! Paxtin and I ran to the store this morning and he picked out "special" suckers for him and his brothers (he insisted we get one for them too). I got them out when they got home from school...the green day just made it extra special. ;)

As for me, I didn't get much done today, but I got to spend it with Paxtin...alone and it just felt good! It's so strange to think that we don't get to spend a lot of time together alone (same for Tristin). If I run to the store, I normally pick one of them to go with me...or ask who wants to go. Paxtin almost always wants to go. He's still at that age that ANYWHERE is exciting as long as he gets to go! He just makes things fun. I let him walk in the store where normally he rides in the cart. It's a new, exciting world for him.

Okay, I'm off to peel zucchini (yes, I know I should eat the green part, but we like it better without it), fry it in some Pam with fajita seasoning and garlic...cook up some ground turkey and cous cous, sprinkle it all with a little fresh Parmesan cheese...and enjoy. One of my very favorite meals...David's too. The kids...not so much. ;)


Hammari said...

Way to go Tristin!

Karlise said...

Yay Tristin!!!

BTW, dinner sounds good! Send some my way too! LOL